Oct 4, 2008

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

Join the new English Learners Group at USA Votes 2008

You're invited to be among the first members of a community for English language learners on VOA's new Web site for the presidential election campaign. You can post videos, photos, audio tracks and comments.

Click here to go to the group page, and be sure to bookmark it. Registering to submit content is simple. Use the "join now" link at the top of the group page.

> Getting started: Here is a chance to practice your spoken English. Record a video with a message related to the campaign and post it to the English Learners Group. (Or practice your writing and post a comment along with a photo.)

Dead Sea Scrolls Coming to the Internet
Also on SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: Two American scientists say a widespread loss of amphibians in recent years shows that a biological disaster has begun.

Burros as Guard Dogs on the Farm
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Experts say small donkeys can make good protectors of sheep and goats. Just don't let them get fat.

Success Story Against Guinea Worm
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: The disease has been reduced below 10,000 cases in five countries.

White Sands National Monument: A Wonder of Nature, in New Mexico
On THIS IS AMERICA: Explore an extreme desert environment in the American Southwest.

Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks
Getting to the bottom of a great English expression

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962: She Was the Most Influential Wife of Any American President
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: She became one of the most important people in America. She fought for equal rights for all people -- workers, women, poor people, black people. And she sought peace among nations.

Quick Action Sought on Plan to Rescue Banks From Bad Debts
On IN THE NEWS: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson put the cost of buying troubled loans from financial companies at "hundreds of billions." President Bush says it should eventually be paid back.

US Developing Financial Rescue Plan
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The Bush administration is seeking quick action by Congress on measures to rescue financial companies from bad housing debts.

'Wizard of Oz' Fans Follow the Yellow Brick Road -- to Indiana
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A question from Brazil about George Gershwin's ''Rhapsody in Blue.'' And the music of Mexican-American singer Lila Downs.

New Findings on Children and Mental Illness
On HEALTH REPORT: A study finds that older drugs work as well as newer, more costly ones in young schizophrenics. Separate findings show that older men have a higher risk of fathering a child with bipolar disorder.

Entrepreneurs Change the World
On EXPLORATIONS: Entrepreneurs face many problems getting financing and dealing with government restrictions.

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