Nov 29, 2007


Children can learn various words by reading. I like reading. I learned how to read difficult Kanji by reading. I think children should read and read books.

Stupid of me! 2

The next day, I went to a bookstore near my house, and bought several books and comics.

After reading the comics, which satisfied me, I noticed these two books.

"What ARE they?"

I didn't even know I bought those books! What happened?

I remembered I put the books I had selected on the books displayed flat so that I could take a look at other books using my both hands. When I finally selected the last book, I just put it on the books I had selected before, and I was so careless that I lifted not only what I wanted but also what I didn't want.

I was't interested in them at all and I didn't even open them...

I'll never do that again!!!

Nov. 29

Topic 4:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz (Moodle)
  2. Writing on TV and reading (Worksheet) -->Blog

Topic 5:
  1. Sound Focus (Moodle)
  2. Vocabulary (Worksheet)
  3. Writing on part-time jobs (Worksheet) ........ next time
  4. Writing on part-time jobs (Moodle & Blog) ........ next time
    • Use "Try These" sentences as samples.
    • Copy & paste "Discussion Questions" and add your answer to each question.

  5. Start your research
    • Take a look at "Recommended Reading"
    • Find interesting web sites yourself.
    • Make a link to each source and add notes.

Next week ... Learn how to use mp3 player/flash memory

Manga 101 - Basic Walk-through of the Manga World

Manga 101 - Basic Walk-through of the Manga World
1. Manga Overview
2. The Format of Manga
3. The Artwork and Style of Manga Comics
4. Manga Categories - The Types of Manga
5. Popular Manga Titles - Good Reads
6. Manga Publishers

Manga, Japan

A History of Manga

A History of Manga

Manga, Japan

A History of Manga

A History of Manga
... even those foreigners who recover from their initial astonishment to awaken to the pleasures of manga are often still puzzled by the genre of girls comics, or shojo manga. It seems that it is hard for foreigners to grasp the idea of a special genre of manga written for women readers, focusing on love stories, and executed in a unique style.

Broadly speaking, shojo manga share the following characteristics.

Manga, Japan

A critical look at the effects of cocoa on human health

A critical look at the effects of cocoa on human health

Health, Food

Okinawan Diet

Okinawan Diet

Longevity, Food, Okinawa

Okinawan Diet

Okinawan Diet
Okinawan diet has been under investigation as the Okinawan's have reputedly the world's longest life expectancy on average, according to some sources.

Longevity, Food, Okinawa

10 foods for longevity

10 foods for longevity

Science says these 10 can help you live longer, better.

Longevity, Food

Perfect job for moms

The Perfect Part-Time Job

Lots of moms earn extra cash by selling cosmetics, clothing, kitchen knives, and more. But how easy is it to pitch products at parties or to go door-to-door?

Working During Your Studies

Working During Your Studies
A warning:
Do not come to the UK expecting to work your way through your studies. Please remember because of the limited number of hours that you are allowed to work and the type of work you are likely to obtain, you will not be able to simply work your way through your studies in the UK; your income from this work will not be sufficient to maintain an adequate standard of living.

University students, Part-time jobs, International students

Japanese Student's Experience of Adaptation ...


Study abroad, University students, Japanese Culture, Part-time jobs

Nov 14, 2007


People of various type live in the neighborhood of my house.
The young couple lives in front of my house, and they have a Toy Poodle as a pet. When I leave home for part-time job, a wife of that couple just takes the dog for a walk. The dog approach me itself at the time, so I pet the dog. That dog is small and very pretty. That dog and its master are agreeable, so I have good impression toward them. As often as I see that dog, I want to have a Toy Poodle.

Toy Poodle

Nov 11, 2007

Hitsumabushi - ひつまぶし



Indian Restaurant in Nagoya - インド料理



Nov 9, 2007

CC Nov. 8

What we did on Nov. 8 include:
  • Q & A about "Neighborhood"............................. Textbook
  • Learn how to take notes ................................... Handout
  • Consider your research topics .......................... Moodle
  • Learn how to make links on blogger pages.
  • Browse the Internet to find sites that might be useful for your research.
  • Keep records of what you've found using your blog.
You can find what other students have done so far. Clike one of the links on the right.

  • Write something about your neighbors/ neighborhood and post to your blogger page.
  • Blog posts about other topics are also welcome. You can write anything you want. Keep writing!!!

Hanoi: Message to a Driver

Hanoi Map2

Hanoi Map1



Nov 6, 2007







Nov 5, 2007


Lady at a Money Exchange: Hanoi

Breakfast at HANU

Breakfast at HANU






劇場お土産売り場のお姉さん & 主役のカップル人形


上演中の写真は...うまく撮れていない :-(







Nov 1, 2007

If a person catch a cold, then he or she has a hard time.

I have had a cold for two days. I take a medicine twice a day, but my condition doesn't take a turn for the better. I can't taste anything, so though I eat delicious food eating isn't fun. I like to eat therefore that condition is very sad for me. I wish I recovers from cold completely soon.