Jul 26, 2011

Arrived at Narita in time

After my final class finished at 2:40 today, I walked to Konodai and
took Keisei line to Narita. I got to the airport at 16:30. Not bad. I
checked in, got some won, and still had some time left. I had cold
noodle called salad udon, and found a room where you can use the
internet for free, but just passed it. My gate seemed a bit too far.

I'll be at Seoul at 9:15. A bit too late. Hope I can get to my hotel easily.

Cmasa 一日遅れてすいません。

My name is masato.

I am usually attending school.It studies in the school. When the night comes a little taking a nap when returning to the house, going combative sports are done to the gym.
It breaks up for the summer by the soupcon and I want to do various things during summer vacation.
It likes sea and night view and I want to go to various places.
And, it wants to work hard the practice also for combative sports to work hard firmly and to win at the game.

And, I do not think be to good when making it during the summer vacation enhanced while studying.

My name is rin

My name is Rintaro Abe, I'm from in Chiba, I live in Chiba, I like playing baseball,
I go to out on a motorcycle well on holidays,
I ride a motorcycle of Honda corporation,
Because I want to add ETC to a motorcycle,I do a part-time job hard,
I go to the sea in the summer vacation,I have a BBQ and go to the sea, I'm looking forward to them,
My birthday is December 19, I do not tink be to good when many can bc learnt by challenging many when tarning 20 years old,

Jul 25, 2011

Can I use my pocket wifi in Seoul ?


It works in Taiwan (but it'll be a bit too complicated...). How about Seoul? I'll have to do some research...


Hmmm, there seems to be no prepaid SIM cards available there. OMG!


Finally I've found WIBRO! Yay!! I'll rent this mobile router at Incheon :))

Weekend 2B Chocoball Kato

On the basic horiday,I am free.
very very free.
Though I intend to do what it is, I sleep after all, and 1st is over.
Please indubehim to play.

News 2B Chocoball Kato

It was 'CHIDEJIJA' at last on 23rd.
My homes TV is 'ANALOG' now.
But, I can watching TV.

Summer Vacation 2B Chocoball Kato

Because summer vacation does not have a plan at all,I am almost a parttimeer.
Therefore please inducehim to play. I ask

Place 2B Chocoball Kato

I want to go to the KOREA. I heard that a lot ofdelicious food were in KOREA. and I want to meetKARA.

英語レポート  V.I.P

I'll take about pets heat attack and summer break plan.
We lack electric power.
It is hot summer. many pets get sick from heat attack this.
Summer plan.
I work at gasline stand during summer break.
I don't have plan yet.
But I want to wonk. q hovas a day. 3 times i week.
This year it's very×3 hot.
I stand and sweaty all over.
I wash car and get tired.
But during summer break.
I want to have BBQ and swim in sea and listen to club music and go fishing and ride motor bike.

News - 2B fmi

I will come of age soon.
So I went to take the photograph of come-of-age. I wore purple kimono and took a lot of photographs. I bought a album and the photograph of family. It become a very good memories for me.

My summer plan - 2B fmi

I will go to three festivals and dance Yosakoi.
And I'm going to do some fireworks with my friends in Edo river.
I want to go to the sea and a pool too.

Thank you.


I finished the questionnaire.
Thank you.

Jul 24, 2011

My I′ll talk about university and During Summer vacation 2A igka

Hi every one.My name is igka.
I was bron in Chiba.I live in Sakae town.It is 19years old bron in 1992.
I major in economics in students of Chiba University of Commerce now.The going takes two hours by a train from a house the university,and the return suffers for one and a half hours.It takes one and a half hours music in a train and plays a game and spends it.The university goes for four days a week.In addition.I play with a cat because I work park ‐ time when a university is closed and keep a cat.I love that I play with a cat on an absent day because.I love animals and like cats in particular.I want to keep many animals in the future.
During Summer vacation.The off plan was going to go for a trip in Nagano in this summer,but it was worked and father was not able to go.So I go to the see of kujokuri of chiba to swim this year.

The last subject

My favorite places in kyoto.
It thought go to the this years.
I want to go "Kiyomizu-temple" and "Rokuonzi-kincaku".
I couldn't visit by the school excursion.
Kyoto is like running the train.
I want to get in the train.
I want to go Kyoto the next year.
My summer go to Wasinomiya.
That is my friend's hope.
He will go to Tachikawa the this summer.
But, We went to there last year.
Must I go to Tachikawa?
My news is "APS film".
I was surprised the other day!!
Because, It is make Stop.
"APS film" or fuji-film.
I'm not using that film.
But, I think used "this film user".
I'm worried the film lost.
I lost the film being used.
I think lonely.
But, I keep using a film!

("Kiyomizu-temple" and "Kincaku-temple" photo:from wikipedia)


The place to which I want to go in the summer of this year is fireworks. It was not possible to have gone so much because the byte was busy last summer.I went to the Jingu fireworks last year. Many visited there. And a lot of fireworks were launched. There was many kinds and many color in fireworks. It makes me amuse. I want to go this year.

My weekdays-2B-miki

When going to school, I take one's lunch with one. The purpose of the reason is to save. And the purpose is to be healthy. I am not so good at cooking. Therefore, the dish of many kinds cannot be made. It wants to be going to expand more a lot of repertoires in the future. Please teach by all means when there is a good menu.


I had the event for which it surprised it recently. To do the problem after school in a certain day, it remained in the school. It was nice o'clock when nothing because there were a lot of problems. Becaue the teacher of patrol came to call, we prepare and walked out the computer room. However,when we noticed the door of the face of building is closed. We searched for the opening door. But all doors were closed. We tried to go to hear the method of going out to the teacher. It passed each other with one student at that time. Wd followed him. But he was already on the outside when we caught up. In addition, we were confused. It noticed at that time though there was another door behind the garbage box. The door opened. We did not stop laughter at ease. I thought that the thing that became calm was important.

News - 2B kinari

Hi. everyone. I'm kinari.
I'm going to tell you about "Nadesiko Japan."
In last Monday, I saw finals of the girl World Cup.
Japan splendidly won the United States!
I was very excited and impressed.
However, that day was exam of English.
The test was not good.
But I was able to see the wonderful soccer match.
It was very good.
By the way, my favorite player is Maruyama.
It is very cute.

My summer plam - 2B kinari

HI, everyone. I'm kinari.
I'll going buck home.
I want to enjoy beach and BBQ.
Then I should practice kendo.
Bcause I will take the kanto competition this coming September.
It is important to enjoy summer vacation.
No, the most important one is to make girlfriend.
I want to enjoy this summer.

My favorit place - 2B miki

My favorit place is Tokyo Disney land. Tokyo Disney land is one of famous place in Japan. There are various attraction and many character. lt makes us happy.
However,the reason is not only that.
I was in Disneyland when a East Japan great earthquake occurred. When the earthquake occurred, all greats were confused.
However,Cast responded calmly.The train will be decided not to move and we stay there. It was collected in the restaurant and the cake and the drink were distributed. The heating pad and the blanket for the emergency were distributed too. We were able to spend it at ease. I came to like Disneyland.

Final - senbon

My name is Yusuke. I'm from Tokyo.
My favorite sport is soccer.
I enjoy playing soccer.
I play soccer on weekdays.
I work on weekends.
I went to Nagoya during Golden Week with my friends.
Nagoya is very hot, but very fun.
I will go to Okinawa during summer vacation.
I'm looking forward to it.
I have English tests. I have to study English.

Jul 23, 2011

News - Pon

The news that I'm interested in is Nadeshiko Japan.They won the Championship at World Cap recently.The second goal of the finals was very splendid.I want to expect it for their activity in future.

Travel - Pon

I don't have a plan in the summer vacation.Probably I will work part-time every day.I want to go out on a car or motercycle far if there is time.

Jul 22, 2011

My first Voki

How to create your own Voki? (自分のVoki の作り方)

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4.  文字を打ち込む→ Voice を選ぶ→ Done (完了) をクリック

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Final Subject

Hi,everyone. I`m Hyu.I`m 20 years old. I live in Tokyo now. I live near Sky Tree. I have lived in Matsudo 19 years and moved in Tokyo last year.
I like singing. I often go to karaoke. I sing many songs. I was going to karaoke after school with my friend last Tuesday. Karaoke is very fun.
I want to go to karaoke soon. And, I like sports too. I often running. I was track and field club junior high school days and high school days.
Practices in the track and field club are very hard. Thanks to it, I participate in Kanto meeting. Now I am running hour everyday.
I will do my best.
Next, I take about summer vacation plan. I don`t have summer vacation plan yet. But I want to do many things. First, I want to go to cool place.
For example, Hokkaido. I have not been Hokkaido. So, I want to go to Hokkaido once. Next, I want to go to sea with my friend.
Because, the sea seems to be summer very much. Finally, I want to see Harry Potter. Because, It is final. I look forward to summer vacation now.

Thank you Ms, Yamauchi.
Thank you everyone.
See you again.

Jul 21, 2011

Yamauchi love!♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

⊂(°д°⊂⌒`つI love M' s mari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⊂⌒~⊃。Д。)⊃
                    *・゜゜・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゜▽゜*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゜・*

My name is mesiuma.
I'm from Tokyo.
My favorite game is 「アンチェインブレイズレクス」
I like to play game with friends.
I play 「機動戦士ガンダム ガンダムVS.ガンダムNEXT PLUS」
when I play games with friends.

I have four snakes.
A snakes is waiting for ecdysis.
He looks a little dirty.
But I like the color.


レポート課題 Ryo

My name is Ryousuke suzuki I am from chiba
I was on the basebell team jurior high school days
puactices in the beseball team are very hard
I was glad to won the beseball game
I like listening to music I went to karaoke with
my friend when I was elementary school won first
prize in the marathon race I was very glad at that
time when I keep for joy take a medal
I studyed bookeeping hard high school days as a
bookeeping it is difficult to study bokkeeping
I take a pualified bookeeping
I join the school band university for one year
but i puit the school band
the remainder enjoy my school life
thank you

Last subject.

Hi.every one.I'm s.s-2.13.
I lived im chiba.
I like listening to music.
My favorite vocalist is ATSUSHI.
Now I'll talk about.
My summer plan.
I go to driving school in summer vacation.
I go to Nagano. very country.
For at twentydays.
I'm looking forward to driving school!!
Often sorry.Now I'll tolk about.
My surprise news!!
Nadeshiko Japan victory!!
Unlucky not watch final game.
But! since watch news!
M's SAWA is very very beautiful goal!!
I'm so happy! I'm so excitement.
Congratulation! Nadeshiko Japan.
Thank you everyone.
see you.

課題 長文

My name is Fyu.
I lived in Ibaraki for 19years and moved to Chiba last year.
I like AKB48 for two years.
I like music called the Only Today in music of AKB48.
I like Oshima and Miyazawa in AKB48.
I this time go to the concert of AKB48.
During Golden Week I went shopping with my family.
It went to (REIKU TAUN) of Saitama prefecture.
The shop was very large and I was surprised.
So I want to go to Okinawa during summer vacation.
Because the sea is beautiful,food is delicious,and the maid is relieved.
I want to swim in the sea in Okinawa,and want to eat Okinawasoba.
I want to go with my friends.
Also I go to Yamanashi during summer vacation.
I want to go to Fuzikyu amusement park and have a barbecue.

Place - Pon

I want to go to the Europe.The reason is because there is a lot of appetizing food.This is because there are it and a lot of world heritages.


l will talk about this spring term.
I went to school only 3 days in a week,Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday in
this season.
But I went to part time job 5 days in a week.
That is to say I was at work longer more than in a school.
And I started to try darts ,because I was invited my friends.
It is fun ,and very difficult.
I got one's powers of concentration through it.
I had a hard time this season.
So I want to have a lot of free time in fall term.

Thanks my teacher!!

My news 2B KOUSUKE

Recentry,cell phone is gradually change to smart phone.
Especially iphone is increase user.
I will buy iphone4.

NEWS! - 2B kuronbo

Hi, everyone. I'm kuronbo.
I'm going to tell you about surprised news for me.

The ardent love of the professional baseball player and the announcer came to light the other day.

The professional baseball player is Wakui Hideaki.
He is member of Saitama Seibu Raions.
I'm his fan.

And the announcer came is Sugisaki Mika.
She is active by 「MEZANYU〜」for FUJI TV program.
She is very cute.

I like both. But....
I don't want him to girl friend.

However,I want to become happy for Wakui and Sugisaki Mika.

Week days - Pon

I usually go to school on my weekdays and go for a part-time job next.I go home on a day without a part-time job.So I want some hobby.

My news 2A igka.

The pink Japan defeated Germany,a Swedish skilled player and could go to the finals of the gir soccer World Cap became Japan vs. U.S.A.
Japan had not beaten U.S.A. and was past results called 0wins 23defeats 1minute.In this girl World Cap,I won after shoot‐out wonderfully and became the number
one in the world. In addition,I want girl soccer to aim at world one there because there are the London Olympics this time.

iTDi : English for Teachers

iTDi : English for Teachers


Jul 20, 2011

News - 2B kenk@CUC

People with heat stroak emergency transport was 6980 people in June.
This is more than double last year's.The highest recorded temperature 37,9℃ in Gunma prefecture in Tatebayashi.
There are two measures of heat stroak. First, water and salt intake. It is suitable for a sports drink. Because, it contains salt and water. Second, Please reduce the neck and underarm lymph nodes.
Let's enjoy this summer!

My news-2B fama

I had exam of math last Friday.
In this exam, there was 4 quesions.
But, I couldn't slove 2 questions.
I'm afraid of to fail to earn a credit of this subject.
I'm not good at math.
So, I want to study math hard someday.

My news.-2B-taka-

My news is pro baseball games.
My favorite team is Seibu Lions.Today(07/14),I'm watching baseball game ,Lotte vs Lions,.
However,it assisted in Lotte only today.Because my friend is assisting in Lotte.
Recently Lions is the last place.It is very very very rare.And today is beaten Lions so 3 successive losses.
I think Lions won't championship.

my news 2Afyu

In the girl World Cup German rally of soccer, Japan took down the United States by the penalty shootout, and accomplished the the first victory. The representation from Japan is medal of the first international game acquisition.

My news

Jennifer Lopez is the third divorce
My name is rin

Jul 19, 2011

Place yasyo

I want to go to Disney World in Florida sometime
There are various attractions in Disney World
Motif of Star Wars the attraction that renewed, I want to ride it!!!!!

My weekdays yasyo

I do a day school and a part-time job and circle activity
I sponsor a tennis circle and am active on 2nd in a week
The person liking tennis please hold it
I play tennis happily

My Gw yasyo

I worked part-time during Golden Week
My part-time job is a fitness gym
Golden Week was over in no time!!!!

My favorite-yasyo

My favorite
Hi, I'm yasyo
The thing which I like is Disney
I like Disney When I am small
Above all, Tower of Teller is the best
Please hear it if you not understand it

Weather News

Hi,I am Hyu.
A typhoon approaches Japan now.
It runs in the Pacific side of the East Japan from West Japan on 20th, and it is expected that intense rain of around 60 millimeters
falls intermittently an hour, and the precipitation expected for 24
hours on 20th is 250 millimeters in Kanto.
Will be careful, everybody.

summer's nabe? -2B oyu

I found very interesting news.
The government has called for measures to save power in this summer.
This news is the news of the food cool.
The cooking name is jyure nabe.
It made broth and agar that loosely consolidated by collagen gel, it were eaten a topping or with them.
This summer is very hot.
Let's try to eat!

Jul 18, 2011

a typhoon new Ryo

a typhoon is a pproaching the Japaese lslands
windstorm the flood need to worning
the typhoon advanceding slowly toward the Jpanese lslands
As a result we must the latest news confirm

My summer plan 2A igka

The off plan was going to go for a trip in Nagano in this summer,but it was worked and father was not able to go.So I go to the sea of kujokuri of chiba to swim this year.

Jul 17, 2011

News(Small Lens exchange-type camera)-Tb22

I went to Shinjuku last week.
This camera is looking.
This camera is "PENTAX Q".
I know for the first the Inter net news.
This camera is being watched.
That camera is very small,and It is for Lens exchange-type camera.
I'm using "canon" and "PENTAX" two cameras now.
But, there was a fault.
That is heavy and a zoom is short.
I was very anxious.
Many people were in the exhibition.
I saw the real thing.
But, I don't buy it.
That's too expensive!!

(PHOTO:Full−size paper and a cassette tape)

Jul 16, 2011

Recent news -2BTechno

Hi!My name is Techno.
I mind in revival minister resignation.
Revival minister resignation is Ryu Mastumoto.
He did various, cruel doing.
One is a relish and as for feelings of people in the stricken area.
Next, a cruel excuse was said toward my remark.
Honesty,I can`t have good feelings.
I think government is isuneasy

An terrible accident-ZCY-2B@CUC

Hello !I'm ZCY. I'm going to tell you about a new.
I saw an accident in 11th,June in shinkowa.There are a lot of glasses in
here and there.I don't know what has happened.

so I asked a people.He said''a woman dropped into the railroad and was
hit away by the window of the store.Then she hit the working of the man.
sadlly the man was terrible and the woman was dead.
I felt very sad when I heard the news.

Jul 14, 2011

My news.

Hi.I'm s,s.2-13.

My home TV not Desital.

Yet analogue.

Early desital!!

My summer plan.

Hi.I'm s,s.2-13.
I go to driving school in summer vacation.
At twenty days.
very enjoyment!!

I want to play baseball during summer vacation. I belonged to the baseball club extracurricular activities.

Trip 2B:oyu&miki

Where would you go in August?
I want to go Yokohama.
How is the weather there there in August?
The high is 30℃,The low is 24℃.
That's not bad.How much does it cost to go there?
It cost 1,300yen.
Thet's not bad.What food do you want to try?
I want to try Cantonese cuisine.
Sound nice .I like Cantonese cuisine too.
Are there any good attractions?
I want to go Ramen Museum.
Sound interesting.I want to go there sometime too.
Where else do you want to go ?
I want to go to Osanbashi Pier.

summer trip-2B KOUSUKE

I will go back home in Iwate about 10 days.
I want go back for a month,but I have to part time job.

News - Nadeshiko Japan beats Sweden


じゃれマガ 2011年07月14日号

They did it again!
Nadeshiko Japan beat Sweden 3-1.
They came from behind after Sweden got the first goal.
Then, they took over the game.
All of their goals were great, but I was really impressed by the last goal.
Kawasumi kicked the ball 35 meters over the Swedish goalee and into the goal.
Yesterday, the U.S.A. beat France 3-1, so Nadeshiko Japan will be playing them next Sunday.
How do I feel?
I want both teams to win.

Send your comments to jaremaga@gmail.com
浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」
携帯 : http://catchawave.jp/m/jm/
PC : http://catchawave.jp/jm/

See also this article:

News - Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting starts soon


Many of you have a digital TV set at home, but we don't. We are still using an analog TV set. Why haven't we started to prepare for the digital terrestrial broadcasting?

For one thing, we don't watch TV very often, and I'm not sure if I feel unhappy without a TV set. I'm curious to know how I feel when there are no analog terrestrial TV programs available.

For another, I hate to be forced to purchase something. I want to have some options left! However, our TV set is so old that we can't continue to use it for a long time. So we'll have to buy a new set anyway, if we do want TV.

Will we get a new TV set? We'll see.

See also:
「アナログ終了」画面で日数表示 カウントダウン初日 苦情、怒り、困惑… (東京新聞)

News - My sister's visit


My sister came to stay with us last Saturday. It was her first visit after we moved here, but she arrived late at night and left for home around 9:00 next morning. What a short stay! But it was okay. She came here to see the soccer game between Kashiwa Reysol and Vegalta Sendai. Unfortunately, Vegalta lost the game, but at least she enjoyed jumping and shouting up for her favorite team.

She has been a big fan of Vegalta and enjoys traveling around to watch away games.  I'm not really interested in watching sports, and I remember I was really surprised when she came all the way to Osaka to watch only one game (when we lived in Osaka).

News - Started to learn Shogi (?)

I found a new series of manga, titled "Hirake Koma". The story is about a 5th grader hooked on Shogi and his mother who also becomes interested in playing Shogi. I always like to see how a kid tries hard to be better at something. In addition, this manga is unique in that you see the mother also learn about Shogi, a bit by bit. 

One day she tries playing an easy game on her iPhone, but can win no game. So she goes to see her son at his Shogi school to ask him how to win. 

This scene caught my eyes, and I started to look for some good mobile Shogi games. Now I have one on my iPodTouch, called "Mobile Shogi", and another on my Android phone, called "Sho-Ou" (将皇). I don't even know how to move pieces but these game apps give me hints! Maybe I'm starting to learn how to play Shogi. 

5th grader = 5年生
(be) hooked on = 〜にはまっている
pieces = 駒

Jul 13, 2011

Summer trip - 2B oda

I'm going to go to Hakone in summer vacation.
I want to take a hot spring bath there.
And I'm going to return to my family home,Akita.
I want to see my friends many times.And I'm going to go to Omagari Fireworks.

Travel in Summer - 2B kuronbo

HI, everyone. I'm kuronbo.
I go to Nasu County in Tochigi Prefecture by seminar travel this summer vacation.
I went to go to sea.

Summer trip-2B fama

I want to go Fukuoka Yahoo doom in fukuoka.
Because I want to watch baseball match about Fukuoka softbank hawks.
I've never been to there yet.
So, I want to go to this doom as a fun.

summer trip - 2B kenk

I want to go to Disney Land in this summer.
Because, it is fun.
It's hot but it's not relevant and fun with friends.

travel in summer

-- My mine is RYo
I want go to kamogawa si-wa-rudo
It is a lot of living thing
I think that enjoy summer vacation.

Summer Travel

Hi,I am Hyu.
I don`t have travel plan in summer vacation.
But I want to go Hokkaido.
Because Hokkaido is cool.
And I have never goon Hokkaido.
I am going to decide my plan later.