Apr 30, 2011

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Apr 29, 2011

Goal - fmi

My listening, reading and writing skills are at level A2-1.
My speaking and communication skills are at level A1-2.

I want to be at level A2-2.

2B fmi

My favorite comics g1-Yusuke

I like basketball.
I like playing basketball and watching basketball game.
This is basketballcomics.
Title is SLAM DUNK.
This comics is funny and exciting me.

G1 My favorite sport

My favorite is football.
In primary school play a university.
I want to play football even if I come to Japan, but it is no time.

Submitted on April 28

G1 My favourite Season

I live in Fujian, there are four seasons here. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. I like spring best. When spring comes, it is warm and windy. the flowers and grass come out.the trees turn green. Children go out of the house in their beautiful clothes, Everything seems beautiful. The whole year is work depends on a good start in spring. I hope I can gain much in the first season of the year !

Submitted on April 25

G1 my favorite sport

my favorite sport is basketball.
the lakers are my favorite basketball team.
I'm free will and friends to play basketball.
my junior high school age is basketball department.
playing basketball can grow taller.
playing basketball is very good exercise.

Submitted on April 25

G1 Do you like...?

Z: HI.
J: Hi. How are you?
Z: I'm fine, thank. And you?
J: I'm fine too. Do you like sport?
Z: I like playing basketball. And you?
J: I like playing football. 
Z: I like watching football. I can't play football. What's your favorite food?
J: My favorite food is a dog meat.
Z: That's really? I don't eat dog meat.

Submitted on April 25

G1 Getting to know each other

Conversation between CH and Kt

C: Hi.
K: Hi, my name is Kt.
C: My name is CH. 
K: Nice to meet you.
C: Nice to meet you too. I'm from China.
K: Oh me too. Where in China?
C: From Fujian. And you?
K: I'm from Hen Long Jing. Oh. What dialect do you speak?
C: I speak Fujian's dialect. And you?
K: I speak He Long Jing's dialect. Can I ask you your age?  
C: Yes. 20 years old.
K: I'm 21 years old. Where do you live?
C: I live in Ichikawa. How about you?
K: I live in Edogawaku.
C: How do you come to school?
K: I come to school by train.
C: How long does it take from your home to school?
K: About 20 minutes. How do you come to school?
C: Sometimes by bike, sometimes on foot. 

Submitted on April 25


My listening,speaking,comunication and writing skills are at level A2-2.My reading skil is at level B1.
I want my listening,speaking,comunication and writing skills at level B1.And I want my reading skill at level B2.


Hello.I'm oyu.
I'm at level A1-2.
I want to be at level A2-2.
But I want to speaking and reading better than I started this class.
Thank you for reading.
2B oyu.

Apr 28, 2011


Iam at level A1-2.
I want to be at A2-2.


My listening and reading skills are at level A2-2.
And my talking and communication and writting skills are at level A2-1.
I want to be at listening and reading skills at level B1.
And I want to be at talking and communication and writting skells atalevel A2-2.

goal 2B kenk

Im at level A2-1 with the exception of read.
I want to be at level B2.

My favorite glove g1-TOMOYA

This glove is the one have useed it between I in the third grade of high school.
the color is a black.

I say the mate this.


I am at level B1.
I want to be at level B2.

Goal-2B Chocoball Kato

I'm at level B2.
I want to be at B1.


I'm at level A1-1
I want to be at A2-1.


A.What were you do yesterday?
B.I was watching Moe Anime in my home.
A.Oh sounds good!!It is god Moe Anime.
B.Wao!!Do you know?
A.Off course.Who do you like girl?
B.No!!Not like!!It is "LOVE".
A.....S,Sorry sorry.Ah,,,Who do you "LOVE" girl?
B.I love Kanon chan!!Moeeee!!I love 2D girls!!I don't like 3D girls!!

Goal-2B takeyama

I'm at level A2-1.
I want to be at B1.


Iam not at level A1
I want to be at
2a igka
2A senbon

今のレベル A1-1

目標レベル A2-2

I'm at level A1-1
I want to be at B2
ニックネーム 2a V.I.P
今のレベル A1
目標レベル B2
ニックネーム 2aメシマズ


about me Ryo
2A Cmasa


ニックネーム 2A-s,s-2,13



rin 2a


今のレベル A1
目標レベル B1

ニックネーム 2a fyu




maddux 2a


2a: Hyu
I'm at level A1-1
I want to be at B2
ニックネーム メシウマ









NaraNara 2A

Yesterday - 2A maki & S.S-2.13/ rin & KNT /maddux, Tb22, Ryo, メシウマ

A: maki  B: S.S-2.13 (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I watched TV.
A: How long?
B: 3 hours.
A: That long? What did you watch? 

A: rin B: KNT (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I played soccer.
A: How long?
B: Two hours. What did YOU do?
A: I played baseball for an hour. 

A: maddux/Ryo, B: Tb22/メシウマ (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I went to school.
A: What did you do after school?
B: I played games. How about you?
A: Same here. I went to school and played games at home.(こっちも同じ)

Yesterday - 2A cmasa, fyu, igka / washington21 & senbon / V.I.P & Hyu

A: cmasa, B: fyu, C: igka (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I worked part-time.
C: I went home and watched TV.
A: I watched TV too. What did you watch?
C: I watched the news.
A: I watched a drama.
C: Where do you work? (どこでバイトしてるの?)
B: I work at a convenience store.

A: washington21 B: senbon (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I played soccer. How about you?
A: I played pachinko.
B: How long?
A: 5 hours. How long did you play soccer?
B: 3 hours. 

A: Hyu, B: V.I.P (edited)
A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I went to school. What did YOU do?
A: I went to school, too. When did you get to school? (何時に着いた?)
B: At 9:00. How about you?
A: At 10:30. When did you get up?

Yesterday - kc25 & ichiuma

K:Hi ichiuma. What did you do yesterday?
I:I was studing English homework.
K:Oh! It's really? Who is your teacher?
I:My English teacher is Ms.Yamauchi.
K:Yamauchi?? Me too! I belong to Yamauchi's English class!
I:Well, did you study homework?
K:I forgot homework.
I:Oh... What did you do yesterday?
K:I worked part time.

Apr 27, 2011

yesterday - kenk & charlie brown

k: Hi,charly brown!
c: Hi,kenk!
k: What did you do yesterday ?
c: I played soccer. After stay at home with my friends. What were you doing at PM seven oclock?
k: I am eating dinner.
c: What eating?
k: It is pizza and yakisoba. And you?
c: I am playing the soccer.
k: How long did you playing soccer?
c: 2 hours. How long did you eating dinner yesterday?
k: 1 hours. See you.
c: Bye!

About me-maddux

Hi every one. I'm maddux.I lived in Matsudo.
My hobby is gambling. I often enjoy to bet money. I especially like horse racing and mah-jong.
My dream is to make a living as a gambler.

Yesterday-PS3 and TK 2B

P:What time did you get up?
T:I got up at 7 a.m.Did you?
P:I got up at 5 a.m.
T:Really ? Why did you get up so early?
P:Because I got up and went to school to study Bookkeeping.
T:I see.By the way ,what did you eat food dinner yesterday?
P:I ate Sushi yesterday .And you?
T:I ate KenchinUdon yesterday.
P:I didn't know KenchinUdon.It sounds delicious.
T:Yes,it was delicious.

Question from メシウマ

4/19 にメールでもらった質問です。
A: すばらしい。むしろそれがbestです :-) Google アカウント、使いたおしてくださいませ。
他にもGoogle アカウントをとっている人もいるようです。便利なので皆さんもぜひ!(必須ではないですけど)

yesterday - sakamoto&kinari(2B)

K: Hi! What did you do yesterday?
S: I came to CUC. How about you?
K: Me too.  And I practiced kendo.
S: What were you doing at lastnight?
K: I was running. How about you?
S: I did English homework. Did you?
K: Yes I did. I wrote about video game. How about you?
S: I wrote about Manga.
K: What did you eat dinner yesterday?
S: I ate curry rice.

yesterday-takeyama and kousuke 2B

T:What did you do yesterday?
K:I worked parttime job.
T:Where do you work?
T:What kind of job?
T:Do you drink alcohol?
K:Yes. And you?
T:Me too. I like whiskey.And you?
K:I like beer.
T:I don't like beer. It's bitter.

Apr 26, 2011

Yesterday - kuronbo,zcy,SEI(2B)

K:Good morning.
Z:Good morning.
S:Good morning!
K:What do you do yesterday?
Z:I went shopping and bought a shirt.
How about you?
S:I was taking a part time job.
How about you?
K:I was sleeping.
Z:What time did you sleep?
K:I slept at eight p.m.
What were you doing at eight?
Z:I was calling my mother. Did you?
S:I was working.
K:How long did you work?
S:Five hours.
Z:Wow! What will you do after school?
K:I will practice baseball. How about you?
Z:I will go to supermarket.
S:You are so busy, it you have free time, let us enjoy a good time.

Apr 25, 2011

Getting to know each other

Conversation between JM and ZC

Z: Hi.
J: Hi, my name is J M.
Z: My name is Z C.
J: Nice to meet you.
Z: Nice to meet you too. I'm from China.
J: Oh, me too. Where in China?
Z: From Henan. And you?
J: From Jilin.
Z: Oh, so you speak Korean, don't you?
J: Yes!
Z: I speak Korean too!
J: Do you? 어디서 한국말을 배웠어요?
Z: I know only 안녕하세요!
J: That's great! By the way, where do you live?
Z: I live in Inage. How about you?
J: I live in Ichikawa.
Z: How do you come to school?
J: I come to school by bike. How do YOU come to school?
Z: Sometimes I take a bus. Sometimes I walk to school.
J: How long does it take from your home to school?
Z: About 45 minutes.

Submitted on April 18

Apr 24, 2011

conversation Lamp and oyu-2B

O:What did you do yesterday?
L:I did "blood donation." How about you?
O:I watched DVD at library.
L:What is the title?
O:It's "Harry Potter." Do you like "Harry Potter"?
L:Yes! Harry Potter is very cool and clever.
O:I see.By the way,did you get something when you did  "blood donation"?
L:I got apple juice,badaid,face towl,mechanical pencil,and cookies.
O:Oh! Sounds good.
H:Let's try.
Posted by Lamp and oyu

What we did yesterday - Miki & fmi

A : What did you do yesterday?
M : I went to university to study yesterday. How about you?
A : Me too. What did you study yesterday?
M : I studied the corporation law and finance. How about you?
A : I studied the corporation law and insurance. It's very difficult. What did you eat for lunch?
M : I brought my lunch.
A : Did you make mind?
M : Yes. I make lunch every day.
A : Every day!? It's excellent! Please tell me cook next time. What did you do after school?
M : I worked part time.
A : What work?
M : I work at supermarket. What did you do after school?
A : I watched TV.
M : What TV program did you watch?
A : I don't remember. Because I am very tired.

Apr 23, 2011

How well are you prepared?

Hope you haven't lost the handout! (失くしてませんよね!)

Techno and yasyo-2B

T:What were you doing yestrday?
S:I`m read novel.
T:Me too.What do you read kinf of novels?
Y:I`m read light novel.
T:It is good.I`m read SF novels.
Y:Oh you did.What were you do yestereday?
T:I ate sweet yesterday.
Y:What sweet? I like sweet too.
T:It is donut.I like donut.
Y:Very nice! I want eat.
T:Let`s go to Mister Donut next time together!
Y:Ok! I`m looking forward.See you.
T:See you again.

Posted by Techno and yasyo

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Apr 22, 2011

oda and taka-2B

oda:What did you do yesterday?
taka:I studied English.
o:Wow!That's sounds good!
t:And you?
o:I had five classes.
t:That's too bad.When di you go to bed?
o:I went to bed 2 a.m.And you?
t:I went to bed 1 a.m.Are you sleeping now?
o:I'm very sleeping and hard time.
t:You should go to bed early today.
o:Ok.I'm sure to go to bed early today.

My favarit singer -2b.taka

My favarit singer is AKB48.They are young and very famous.The almost everyone is the same age as us.
Especially,I love Mariko Shinoda.She is an oldest in the AKB48.

poka and fama 2-B

poka is K. fama is S.

S. Hi!
K. Hi!
S. What did you do yesterday?
K. I worked part time.
S. What kind of part time job?
K. Sukiya!What did you do yesterday?
S. I went to K'S denki tobuy a TV.
K. Wow!Chideji?
S. yes Chideji! Is your TV Chideji?
K. NO, Analog. My TV change as fast as possible, don't you?
S. I think so to.
K. But I don't know what to choose.
S. Uh….My TV is LEGZA.LEGZA is good.
K. I see.I will buy LEGZA.
S. That's sound good.
K. See you again!
S. See you!

Posted by POKA


1. 大学のメールを他のメールアドレス(携帯電話など)に転送する



2. モバイル版ウェブメールを利用する




Apr 21, 2011

My favorite drinking

My favorite drinking is tea.I donot have drunk other drinking since I began to drink tea.So I found a part-time job in a tea shop ,and I am studying lots of tea.For example ,Oolong tea,Jasmine tea ,Puer tea etc.In China ,there are 700 sort of green tea,and mang people are fond of drinking green tea.But I like oolong tea better than green tea.When I tired or angried ,I can drink oolong tea to make me be happy.So tea is so important for me .I like tea so much.

About me-2b SEI

hi, every one .
I am Zhang qian .I am from China .I came to Japan for 4 years and moved to Yokohama last year.
I like running and drinking tea.Running makes me relax.When I tired, I need to drink lots of tea.Now
I am studying about tea.
Running and drinking tea are so good for us to keep our health. I will go on running and drinking tea.

About me -PS3

Hi every one. I'm PS3.I live in Chiba.I have two cats.My cats is very cute.She loves potato chips.She eats potato chips like a this picture.

My favorite sports 2B-Pon

My favorite sports are soccer.I belonged to the soccer club in a junior high school and a high school.I sometimes go to the high school and still participate in the exercise of club activities.
Iu said last time that I like most, but is AOI MIYAZAKI.
I am very good.
Furthermore, I want you to divorce if you say.
I am rin

My favorite singer-songwriter-2B ichiuma

Hi everyone.
I'm ichiuma.
My favorite musician is Suga Shikao.
He's voice is very sexy voice.
His music is in lyrics, it's very wonderful.
Thank you.

My Favorite Singer - kuronbo

Hello!I'm kuronbo.
My favorite singer is aiko.
She is very lovely voice.
I love aiko!
-2B kuronbo-

My favorite video game

Hi everyone,I'm Kouske.My favorite video game is Winning Eleven.
This game is the most popular soccer game.

My favorite necessary.

Hi everyone.I'm oyu.
My favorite necessary is face towel.
I always have some face towel.
Somehow,when I have face towel quite my heart.
This picture is a part of my face towel.
These will certainly increase because I collect these.
Thank you.
2B oyu,

My favorite drink

Hello!everyone.I'm 2Bmiki. My favorit drink is coffee. Becaue it is bitter and good tasty. I drink coffee every day. Coffe makes my life happy.

How does it work?



ちなみに左(上下)はドコモの SPモードメールで受け取った通知です。




Conversation #1 Getting to know each other


Practice the following conversation. 
A: Hi, I'm _________________.
B: Hi, I'm _________________.
A: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you too.
A: Where are you from?
B: I'm from __________________. Where are YOU from?
A: I'm from __________________. What do you like to do in your free time?
B: I like watching movies.
A: Me too! What kind of movies do you like?
B: Horror movies. How about you?
A: I like science fiction. And I like playing video games too.
B: Do you? What's your favorite game?
A: Now I'm addicted to Earth Defense Force 2.
B: Sounds like fun! Do you play sports?
A: I used to play baseball every day. Now I only play catch sometimes. Do YOU play sports?
B: Not much, but I like fishing.
A: Is fishing a sport?
B: Yes it IS! 

My favorite manga-2B takeyama

Hieveryone.I'm takeyama.
My favorite manga is BLOODY MONDAY.
These manga became the drama.

My favorite enjoyment - 2B oda

My favorite enjoyment is shopping.I especially like to buy clothes.
Shopping gets rid of stress and make me vigorously.But I am carried away by a sudden impulse,I often do impulse buying.So I want to take care of waste.

Apr 20, 2011

My favorite manga -2B sakamoto

Hi every one. I'm sakamoto.
My favorite manga is HUNTER×HUNTER.
HUNTER×HUNTER is written by Togashi Yoshihiro.

My favorite musician - 2B kc25

Hi everyone.
I'm kc25.
My hobby is listen to music.
And my favorite musician is Aerosmith.
Their songs is very powerful.
I listen to this songs and I'll feel better.
I especially like Livin' On The Edge.
I think that it's great song.

My favorite hobby is keiba - maddux 2A

Hi,my name is maddux.
My favolite hobby is keiba.
I often enjoy to bet money.

My favorite animal - fmi

Hello. I'm fmi.
My favorite animal is cat.
Because it is very cute!
So I have many cats.
I like play with my cats.
Thank you.

2B fmi

My favorite group - s,s-2,13

Hi every one.I'm s,s-2,13.
My favorite group is EXILE.
And favorite vocalist is Atusi.
What kind of music star do you like?

My favorite food-2B Tk

Hi everyone.
My favorite food is Italian food.
Especially,I like pasta.It is variously cooking method.I like any dish.I want to go to the locale to have pasta some time.

My favorite hobby is drive a car.

My hobby is to drive. Holiday and leisure time that will drive the car. Sunny days are the best!
Now, I have a ride home, working part-time, the goal is to buy my car.

Thanks. I love them! - myam

Today at a bookstore I happened to notice two comics some students recommended - あひるの空 and Gantz. I liked the pictures so decided to try them. And I loved both oh them!

あひるの空 is about a highschool basketball player, who is quite short but really skillful. He thinks positively and never gives up. And he knows what he wants. That's what I like most about him. I liked the work so much that my husband will give me some more volumes for my birthday:))

Gantz is about...what? Readers don't know much about what's going on at first. What I know now is that there's somebody who can control the lives of "dead" people and have them play a kind of survival game. If they can survive in the game world they can stay "alive" in the real world (but I'm not sure now if they are actually dead or alive in the real world). The characters are just beginning to understand the rules, just like me. And that's what attracts me most. I'm so curious about what's going to happen!

My favorite Chocolate 2B Lamp

Hi every one.
I'm Lamp.
This is my favorite chocolate.
It is very sweet and delicious.
It is recommended in you.

My faborite AKB48 fyu

I like AKB48 for two years.
I like music called the Only Today in music of AKB48.
I like Oshima and Miyazawa in AKB48

My favorite sport - Ryo

My fuvorie is toplay baseball
it belongs to the basball club
at the junior high school

My faborite Night View Cmasa

I began a Night View at the age of a high
school and looked and came to like You.

My favorite bike - rin

I am rin
My favorite is a motorcycle

My favorite PC - Hyu

I am Hyu.
I like one`s PC very much now.
This is because it is easy to use it very much, and it is very useful.
I do a note with the PC and listen to music and watch an animation.
I want to use it carefully from now on.

My favorite TV game - 2B kinari

My favorite TV game is Final Fantasy(FF).
I don't like TV game so much.
But FF is very interesting.
Especially my favorite number is VIII, IX ,X.
You also must try this game.
Thank you.

My favorite game - mst

Hello! I'm mst!!
My favorite game is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
This Game is hunting action RPG game.
There are mamy weapons in this game.
I use hummer mamy times.

What's your theme song? (W1)

1週目の課題の1つだった "What's your theme song?"

Back in Black (by AC/DC; Lyrics) : Tb22
Fight for Your Right (by Beastie Boys; Lyrics): meshiuma

Beautiful Day (by U2; Lyrics): oyu, kuronbo
Oops I Did It Again (by Britney Spears; Lyrics): Lamp
Fight for Your Right (by Beastie Boys; Lyrics): kc25
Soak Up The Sun (by Sheryl Crow; Lyrics) : TK

Apr 19, 2011

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