Aug 21, 2009

Brown rice

We've decided to try brown rice.

1. We bought a bag of brown rice (ひとめぼれ 玄米)- that was easy :D

2. I googled to find how to cook the rice.
Hmmmm.... it sounds too complicated :(

3. We did wash it as told, but OMG, it should be left overnight! Well, for today, we skipped this process.

4. It's now being cooked... I wonder if we can have the brown rice for dinner...

* * * * *
Meanwhile, I'll do a bit more google search.

- How to cook (using a pot) : 玄米の炊き方(びっくり炊き)
- How to cook (using a rice cooker) : 玄米の炊き方(炊飯器) 塩かぁ、塩が決め手ねぇ。

- How to cook and this and that: 玄米やながはら

* * * * *

Aug 8, 2009

Blogger in Thai

I'm in Bangkok, Thailand now. Look at the Blogger log in page. Cool, isn't it?

Blogger ログイン画面がこんなことに。すてきだ!