Oct 22, 2008

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

今週の Weekly Report:


VOA Special English

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Elias Zerhouni Leaving as Head of US National Institutes of Health
Also on SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: A tree-killing insect might be affecting weather conditions and air quality.

Getting Farmers Back to the Land in D.R.C.
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Congolese left productive fields behind as they fled war. Now, international efforts aim to renew agriculture and reduce hunger.

Tombstone, Arizona: 'The Town Too Tough to Die'
On THIS IS AMERICA: The small town welcomes thousands of visitors each year. They come from all over the world to experience a bit of the old American West.

How Green Is My (Rooftop) Garden?
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Green roofs gain popularity, but researchers find that not all perform equally well.

Who Put Lipstick on That Pig?
On WORDS AND THEIR STORIES: Expressions about pigs, hogs and sows.

Bessie Coleman, 1892-1926: She Dared to Dream and Became the First African American Female Pilot
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: She resisted society's restrictions against blacks and women. She believed that the air is the only place where everyone is free.

With US Elections Near, 'Joe the Plumber' Enters Political Pipeline
On IN THE NEWS: An Ohio man becomes an example used by John McCain to attack Barack Obama on his tax plan and spreading wealth around.

In Time of Crisis, Candidates Present Economic Plans
On ECONOMICS REPORT: John McCain and Barack Obama offered new proposals for tax breaks and changes in rules for retirement savings. Also, the Treasury moved to recapitalize banks.

Is Time Running Out for the National Debt Clock in New York City?
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A question from China about the United States Navy and Marine Corps. And music by Eric Benet.

American History Series: In Election of 1828, a Bitter Campaign
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Andrew Jackson had a big victory over President John Quincy Adams. But the race turned angry over the subject of Jackson's wife, Rachel.

Foreign Student Series: Accreditation Explained
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part six, we discuss the quality control process used in U.S. higher education.

American Election Expressions
On WORDS AND THEIR STORIES: Some examples of American expressions about voting and elections.

Hand Washing: So Important, It Gets a Day Of Its Own
On HEALTH REPORT: Wednesday is Global Handwashing Day, an event designed to promote the use of soap in developing countries.

Graham Hawkes Builds Submarines That 'Fly' to the Ocean's Depths
On EXPLORATIONS: Small submarines made of high-tech materials could change ocean exploration forever.

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