Oct 18, 2008

Off the map

Off the map
In the southern reaches of the Arabian Desert lies the Empty Quarter, a brutally hot, arid landscape that covers a quarter of a million square miles. A trio of adventurers and their guides attempt to retrace a fifty-year-old route across this scorched environment on camelback, ever mindful of the towering, shifting sand dunes and the relentless heat.
(National Geographic)

Q1: The Empty Quarter の別名は? (It' been called ...)
Q2: 人間は1日に何リットルの水を消費する (consume)?
Q3: 出発地点からどのくらい先で、水の湧き出る穴にたどり着いた?
Q4: 思いもよらぬ雨は、その地域では何年ぶりだった?(It's the first rain here in ...)

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