Oct 29, 2007


I am afraid of bees because they have a venom stitch. I have read the article that a person got stung by a bee and died. I listen to a story like it, then I have realization that bees are dreadful insect. I got the information that wasps come near to a person who puts on black clothes, at the TV. Also, they react to smell of perfume. I usually don't wear a perfume, but I often wear black clothes. Thus I must not wear black clothes, when I go on a hike to the mountain where there are bees. The character of bees is really terrible.



Teaching in Hallowen Costumes

Oct 27, 2007




スペルチェック  スペルがあやふやなとき

複数辞書検索   串刺し検索 
成句検索     &をスペースの代わりに
  • 「さらに検索」 絞り込める!
  • センタリング  Quickのような画面表示可

「英和活用大辞典」 コロケーション検索機能!




Oct 24, 2007

My favorite bakery

The bakery that I recommend is Jizoya. Jizoya is in Rokko. I eat a bread of Jizoya every morning. My house is far from Jizoya, so I get breads delivered to my house. A bread of Jizoya is soft and tasty. Jizoya took part in a fair what delicious foods of the whole country gathered. That fair was held at SOGO last month. A storekeeper was saying that breads were sold out in 10 minutes. People who ate a bread of Jizoya all will become liked it. I like a bread of Jizoya very much.

history of bread:http://www.botham.co.uk/bread/history1.htm

Oct 18, 2007

A path you'll find near Oji Koen (Park)

my summer vacation

I went to Hokkaido with my friend in summer vacation. I stayd in Sapporo for 3days. I ate great and deliciouse foods. Jingisukan, especially, was nice. The view of Otaru was beautiful. I bought many souvenirs for me, my family and my friend at New Chitose airport. I wanted to stay longer time. I want to go to Asahiyama zoo next. Hokkaido was wonderful spot.









Oct 17, 2007

My dog

Today I went shopping. I bought two switers.
I went back home, I walked with my dog.
Then I took bath with my dog. She is very clean! sooo cute!!

Oct 12, 2007

TESOL 2007 fall (1-2)

ESL Lab - Moddle

#1 - Oct.1

  • Vocabulary Check [夏課題] ☑ฺ
  • Resource 旺文社学力判定テスト☑ฺ
  • Learning Strategies ☑ฺ
  • Presenting Vocabulary [Sample] [Sample Worksheet] ☑ฺ
    .... "Ten 'most polluted' places named" - BBC (Related Story)
  • Forum Teaching Vocabulary
    .... (1) Yamanaka - Yamasita, (2) ?? (3) Fujioka - Takashima, (4) ?? (5) Imai - Shinagawa - Okada


#2 - Oct.15
  • Teachhing Vocabulary 1

Pure Voice

One of my students told me about PureVoice - Player/Recorder.

I'm using a couple of digital audio player, and PureVoice is more convenient than for me. But if you're interested in this product, try it please.



ためし 2




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Oct 11, 2007

I'm sorry ...

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I said in class that you can post from your cell phones, but I've found that only the owner - me, in this case - can do that, and co-authors can NOT. I'm sorry :-(

If you're interested in posting fron your mobile phones, then you should create your own blog. It's simple and I can help you.

キクタン - Amazon Library



Oct 10, 2007


■ 第135回TOEIC公開テストの概要

試験日: 2007年11月25日(日)
インターネット申込締切日時: 2007年10月18日(木)正午12:00
公式認定証発送予定日: 2007年12月25日(火)
受験料: 6,615円(うち消費税等315円)

Oct 9, 2007



【Unit 12】
  1. 基本語彙
  2. Word Order
  3. Moodle 語彙クイズ: Vocab_Education ...とばし
  4. Part 3 x 3 ⇛ฺ Read Aloud & Dictation
  5. Part 7 x 2
  6. Moodle 文法クイズ: Grammar★★☆ ...各自のペースで

  • Moodle 語彙クイズ: Vocab_Education
  • Moodle 文法クイズ: Grammar★★☆
  • Moodle 文法クイズ: Grammar Review
  • プリント版 Part 7 x 3
  • 必要に応じて、テキストの語彙・音声の復習


『新TOEIC リーディング・スピードマスター』

Oct 8, 2007

Kids Talk About: Feeling Scared

Kids Talk About: Feeling Scared
Kids Health
Everybody is afraid of something. That's what more than 1,700 kids told us when we asked them about fears and scary stuff. Some don't like the dark. Others hate nightmares and scary movies. And then there are those who want to run away from mean dogs, snakes, and creepy crawly spiders.

Being Afraid

Being Afraid
Kid's Health
Have you ever been afraid? Everyone gets scared sometimes. Do thunder and lightning make your heart beat faster? Maybe your mouth goes dry when your teacher announces a pop quiz, or your palms sweat when it's your turn to give your report in front of the class. Perhaps you get butterflies in your stomach when you see the bully who picks on you.

When Fear Takes Control of the Mind

When Fear Takes Control of the Mind: " An explanation of panic disorder and how it can be treated." Transcript of radio broadcast:
31 October 2006

Mary Lyon, 1797-1849: A Leader in Women's Education in the Nineteenth Century

Mary Lyon, 1797-1849: A Leader in Women's Education in the Nineteenth Century: "She opened the first independent school for the higher education of women. Transcript of radio broadcast: 02 June 2007"

Try Sport Parachuting

Activity for the Brave of Heart (and Heights)? Try Sport Parachuting

Studying in the US: Four Kinds of Financial Aid

Studying in the US: Four Kinds of Financial Aid

Choosing a Student Exchange Program to Come to the US

Choosing a Student Exchange Program to Come to the US

Some (Adults) Call for Shorter Summer Break for US Kids

Some (Adults) Call for Shorter Summer Break for US Kids