Apr 12, 2011

About me - oda

Hi everyone. I'm oda.I lived in Akita for 18 years and moved to Chiba last year.
I like to listening music.I listen various type,J-Pop,Reggae,R&B,K-Pop,Rock,etc.
My favorite singer is Namie Amuro.I'm a member of her fan club.I have been to her live concert four times.I'm going to go to her new live concert.


  1. Hi oda. I've been to a hot spring near Tazawako. Do you like hot springs? What's your hometown famous for?

    I guess Namie Amuro is a good singer. Do you listen to any English songs? If you have songs to recommend, please share them and we'll listen to them in class :-)

  2. Hi oda.I like Namie Amurro too.
    I listen to her songs everyday.

  3. Hi,taka.
    I listen to her songs everydays too.
    Let's go to her live concert next time!

  4. Hi,m_yam.
    I like hot springs so much!
    My hometown is famous for rice and hot springs,etc.

    In English songs,I like Taylor Swift.
    I was interested in English songs from her.