Apr 26, 2011

Yesterday - kuronbo,zcy,SEI(2B)

K:Good morning.
Z:Good morning.
S:Good morning!
K:What do you do yesterday?
Z:I went shopping and bought a shirt.
How about you?
S:I was taking a part time job.
How about you?
K:I was sleeping.
Z:What time did you sleep?
K:I slept at eight p.m.
What were you doing at eight?
Z:I was calling my mother. Did you?
S:I was working.
K:How long did you work?
S:Five hours.
Z:Wow! What will you do after school?
K:I will practice baseball. How about you?
Z:I will go to supermarket.
S:You are so busy, it you have free time, let us enjoy a good time.

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