Apr 19, 2011

My favourite singer - 2B ZCY

I don't like sing song very much. But I like listen to songs. I love the best singers is wang fei. She has the natural voice. When I hear her songs my feelings get better. So I went to Japan I took her CD with me and listen to her songs everyday.


  1. I like Wang fei ,too.

  2. My favorite drinking is tea.I donot have drunk other drinking since I began to drink tea.So I found a part-time job in a tea shop ,and I am studying lots of tea.For
    example ,Oolong tea,Jasmine tea ,Puer tea etc.In China ,there are 700 sort of green tea,and mang people are fond of drinking green tea.But I like oolong tea better than green tea.When I tired or angried ,I can drink oolong tea to make me be happy.So tea is so important for me .I like tea so much.