Apr 22, 2011

poka and fama 2-B

poka is K. fama is S.

S. Hi!
K. Hi!
S. What did you do yesterday?
K. I worked part time.
S. What kind of part time job?
K. Sukiya!What did you do yesterday?
S. I went to K'S denki tobuy a TV.
K. Wow!Chideji?
S. yes Chideji! Is your TV Chideji?
K. NO, Analog. My TV change as fast as possible, don't you?
S. I think so to.
K. But I don't know what to choose.
S. Uh….My TV is LEGZA.LEGZA is good.
K. I see.I will buy LEGZA.
S. That's sound good.
K. See you again!
S. See you!

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