Apr 13, 2011

about me -zcy

Hi everyone. My name is zhang chunyan.I am from China.I came to Japan
in 2006 years and I lived in Tokyo for 5 years.
I love taking photos.So I got a camera from my mother on my birthday.
There is a river in front of my hou
se. A lot of cherries are planted at the side of river. So I took many
pictures about cheeries. I shew thew to my friends. they liked them very
much. They will visit to Japan and look them in those days.


  1. Perfect English and nice photo! well done

  2. Hallo.
    My name is Yumi Yoneda.
    I'm 18.From Tokyo.

    Accustomed Tokyo?
    What music do you like?
    Do you like music?