Apr 21, 2011

About me -PS3

Hi every one. I'm PS3.I live in Chiba.I have two cats.My cats is very cute.She loves potato chips.She eats potato chips like a this picture.


  1. The photo of your cat made me laugh. I used to care for my neighbor's cat when she was away. Her cat did silly things like that.

  2. The cat really likes potato chip.It is a pretty cat.

  3. Hi! Thank you for folling us about yourself.
    I'm Mayumi .I was born in 1992.I live place called Ota-ku in tokyo..My hobby is reading and listening to music.My favorite animal is dog and cat!

    1.How old is your cats?
    2.What is it the kind of your cat?
    3.What is your favorite animal to any other

  4. Hi!Thank you for telling us about yourself. I'm Izumi.I was born on the 7th of May,1992.I live in Adachiku Tokyo.My favorite past times are playing tennis, dancing, and eating. This cat is yours cat? Do you like cat? Why this cat's head is became like this?

  5. Hi,I'm oyu.
    Please show us your other cat.