Apr 29, 2011

G1 Getting to know each other

Conversation between CH and Kt

C: Hi.
K: Hi, my name is Kt.
C: My name is CH. 
K: Nice to meet you.
C: Nice to meet you too. I'm from China.
K: Oh me too. Where in China?
C: From Fujian. And you?
K: I'm from Hen Long Jing. Oh. What dialect do you speak?
C: I speak Fujian's dialect. And you?
K: I speak He Long Jing's dialect. Can I ask you your age?  
C: Yes. 20 years old.
K: I'm 21 years old. Where do you live?
C: I live in Ichikawa. How about you?
K: I live in Edogawaku.
C: How do you come to school?
K: I come to school by train.
C: How long does it take from your home to school?
K: About 20 minutes. How do you come to school?
C: Sometimes by bike, sometimes on foot. 

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