Apr 25, 2011

Getting to know each other

Conversation between JM and ZC

Z: Hi.
J: Hi, my name is J M.
Z: My name is Z C.
J: Nice to meet you.
Z: Nice to meet you too. I'm from China.
J: Oh, me too. Where in China?
Z: From Henan. And you?
J: From Jilin.
Z: Oh, so you speak Korean, don't you?
J: Yes!
Z: I speak Korean too!
J: Do you? 어디서 한국말을 배웠어요?
Z: I know only 안녕하세요!
J: That's great! By the way, where do you live?
Z: I live in Inage. How about you?
J: I live in Ichikawa.
Z: How do you come to school?
J: I come to school by bike. How do YOU come to school?
Z: Sometimes I take a bus. Sometimes I walk to school.
J: How long does it take from your home to school?
Z: About 45 minutes.

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