Apr 21, 2011

About me-2b SEI

hi, every one .
I am Zhang qian .I am from China .I came to Japan for 4 years and moved to Yokohama last year.
I like running and drinking tea.Running makes me relax.When I tired, I need to drink lots of tea.Now
I am studying about tea.
Running and drinking tea are so good for us to keep our health. I will go on running and drinking tea.


  1. Hi SEI.I'm kinari.
    I like to run as well as you.
    I was running Edo river yesterday.

  2. HI!Thank you for talling us about youreself.
    I'm Atsushi,I have run with my friend recentry too.I agree with you that Sports makes us relux.

    I ask you three question,
    Do you like other sports?
    Which do you like green tea or black tea?
    Please tell me nice shop to eat lunch in Yokohama.

  3. Yes,I like other sports. For example play basketball,and I often go to gym .
    I like black tea better , it is good for ladies.
    There are many nice shop for lunch. For example,in China town 謝甜記okayu is very nice.
    And there are many restaurants in Sky building.
    All of them are very delicious.

  4. HI!Thank you for talling us about youreself.
    I'm Kanako. I like playing the trumpet and waching movies.

    I like running and drinking tea too. But I have never drunk Chinese tea.
    What kind of tea do you like?
    Do you like music?I like music very much.

  5. Basketball!It is nice sports.But I'm very poor basketball...
    You like black?I like gleen tea better.
    but which is delicious.
    Thanks tell me nice shop,I will go to this shop some time.

  6. Hi,I'm oyu.
    Aer there a tea plantation such as in Japan,in China?