Apr 12, 2011

About me ー Hyu

Hi everyone. I'm Hyu. I moved to Tokyo last 19 years I lived in Chiba.
I like to read comics and watch movies and to the sport.Was doing in sports club activities from elementary to high school.I like any movie genre.I especially like the cartoon I like One Piece and Dragon Ball lot.I love that you want to increase more in the future.
Thank you all now.


  1. Hi Hyu. So...you're living in Tokyo now? After you lived in Chiba for 19 years?

    Don't you play any sports now? I'm sure you should exercise! (I have to exercise more, actually.)

    I love "One Piece" too. What movies do you recommend?

  2. Hi,m_yam.Thank you for comment.
    I live in Tokyo now.
    I still jog as old days.
    However, I find more pleasant exercise and want to get along as a hobby.
    The movie of which genre is good basically, too, but, about a movie, the Lord of the Rings is particularly good.

  3. Hi! Hyu. Thank you telling us about yourself. I'm Kazuhoro. I'm 18 years old. I live Hiratuka in Kanagawa.

    What kind of charactor do you like?
    What kind of skill do you like?

  4. Hi,kazuhiro.I`m 20 years old.I live in tokyo.

    I like Luffy and Ace.
    I like gorogoronomi.