Apr 14, 2011

About me-2B NEET

Hello. My name is NEET.
I live in Saitama.
I like bowling very much.
I want to become good.
So, I practice bowling on fridays.
This pivture is MYBOWL.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi,I'm oyu.
    I like the bowling,too.
    How long do you play bowling?
    How much is your bowl?

  2. Hi! I am kenk.
    I love bowling too.
    The highest score so far what is it how much?

  3. Hi!Thank you for telling us about yourself.I'm Honami.
    I'm from Chiba.I like rabbits.
    ・Why do you like bowling?
    ・How much is your bowl?
    ・When do you like bowling?