Apr 10, 2011

About me-Techno

Hi everyone.I`m Techno.I live in Tokyou.
I like reading books and comics, riding bicycle.
My famaily has bicycle.
I often go to University by using the bicycle.
When I riding on a bicyle,The wind is pleasant.
Also,I like comics.
In paricular,I like Moyasimon.
Moyasimon is written about bacterium.
It is intersting, and it is become study.
I want everyone to read!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Techno, thanks for sharing about you! Yes, it's so nice to feel the wind around you while riding on the bike :-)

    I love Moyashimon too! You're right, I've learned a lot about various bacteria, and I always enjoy learning some food culture and history.