Apr 8, 2011

About me - oyu

Hi everyone. I'm oyu.I live in Chiba.I was born in kagoshima.
I love sweets.So sometimes I make a cake,cookies.I made theme for my friends and my family on Christmas and Valentine's Day.They were delighted.I was happy.I like to eat.Please tell me the recommended cake shops.


  1. Hi oyu, thanks for your post! So you baked this cake on your own? Great!!! Could you share the recipe for it? Maybe it'll be too difficult for me... I have baked a cake only once for all my life!

    When did you move to Chiba from Kagoshima? Are there interesting differences between the two places?

  2. The picture is appetizing!
    I also make a cake sometimes.
    Let's talk about sweets next time.