Apr 13, 2011

About me - sakamoto

Hi everyone.
I'm sakamoto. I live in Chiba. When I was a kindergartner, I lived in Osaka.
I like baseball.
I play baseball with my friend on Sunday every week.


  1. Hi sakamoto. Where did you live in Osaka? I lived in Mino. Maybe you were too young, but do you remember anything about Osaka?

    Are you a member of some baseball club? What position do you play?

  2. I lived for 10 years near Cooperstown, New York, the village where the Baseball Hall of Fame is. I never went to the Hall. I don't like baseball, which is supposed to be the American pastime. I would rather read than watch a ball game.

  3. Hi m_yam.
    I remember about Osaka.
    I often went a Kaiyukan.

    My position is the left.