Apr 13, 2011

About me - Lamp

Hi everyone.
I'm Lamp. I lived in Ibaraki. and moved to Chiba.
I like to play the guitar.My favorite band is Aerosmith , Megadeth , and Ozzy Osbourne.
thank you for reading.


  1. Hi Lamp. You like playing the guitar, and that's why you like those bands! I don't konw much of their music, but I like "Walk this way", "Shot In The Dark" (really sounds like 80s), and "A Tout Le Monde". Which songs do you recommend?

  2. Hi Lamp How long have you played guitar?

  3. Hi Lamp. I'm Takahiro. I come from Saitama. I live in chiba now, We same the place!

    I like Megadeth and Ozzy Obone too.
    I like SLASH.

    Are you Metaler?
    Do you like another band?
    What's the guitar name?

  4. Thank you for comment , m_yam Tk and Takahiro!
    I like old rock sound very much.
    I recommend "Walk this way".
    It's very fun.
    I had been playing the electric guitar for
    about three years.
    I like Metal rock.
    But,I like POPs,Jazz too
    So,I'm not Metaler.

    I was playing "Gibson"'s guitar.
    But, I have "Edwards"'s guitar now.
    Because ,it has broken.