May 24, 2012

Phonetics May 24

■ I will have to make some changes to our Moodle site. So, though it is working now, I will post the class work here too.

■ I thought you sent your recording to Evernote last week... Why can't I find anything new there?

■ Each iPad is numbered and will be assigned to a particular student.

1. Song: You had a bad day - Worksheet & YouTube
    (Quizlet : Vocabulary)

2. Links for Phonetics (Open the page -> Add it to the Home screen)

3. Vowels & Consonants cf. 日本人のための英語音声学レッスン (Go to Dropbox)

  • i-ɪ / eat-it, neat-knit, leak-lick
  • u-ʊ/ who'd-hood, Luke-look, pool-pull
  • e-æ / set-sat, beg-bag, send-sand
  • CC / praɪd, kraʊd, ʃraɪn, pleɪ, klaʊd, sli:p /
  • CCC / splæʃ, skrætʃ, streɪt /

  • CC [tr-tʃ] trace-chase, treat-cheat 
  • CC flatness, cotton, midnight, sadness
→ Pronunciation practice (+ review of IPA)  

→ Practice Minimal Pairs (YouTube)

4. Dictation - Connected Speech cf. 日本人のための英語音声学レッスン Ex 5-21, p. 87 (II-32) 

5. Consonants - Manner 調音方法, Place 調音位置, Voice 有声無声  cf. Phonetics 
  • p, t, k, b, d, g, m, n, ŋ - Stop 閉鎖音, Nasal 鼻音
  • θ, ð, s, z, ʃ, ʒ, ʧ, dʒ  - fricative 摩擦音, affricate 破擦音
Next: Rhythm & Intonation 

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