May 22, 2012

1B3 May 22

1. Song: You had a bad day (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

2. Twitter (You haven't learned how to tweet yet ... )

3. Story Telling Video 前の宿題を参考に

How To
1. Write a speech script(原稿作成)
  • Your first name (or nickname) 
  • Where you're from (a)
  • Your high school (b)
  • Your favorite pastime, food, places, etc. (c)
  • Greetings
2. Find webpages/photos related to (a)-(c), and add them to the iPad's Home Screen. (a-cに関連するウェブページや写真を見つけて、リンクをホーム画面に加える)

3. Talk about yourself using your speech script and showing the pages/photos. (原稿を利用して、webページや写真を見せながら、自分について話す) Your partner will take a video of you.(パートナーがそれを動画にとる)

■ Homework
(1) Post your script to the students' blog. ※emailの宛先を間違えないように! 
(2) Tweet in English!

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