May 8, 2012

1B4 May 8

1. 歌:Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Worksheet) (YouTube)
2.  ICT利用と英語学習のアンケート(5〜10分)

3. じゃれマガ:JareMaga1 (Review)

※Scatter is not very good for iPad :-(

4. Reading, Grammar & Conversation: Golden Week
  • 7 students haven't posted their writing yet :-( (May 8, 7:45AM)
  • Let me re-check your names. 
  1. Read your classmates' Golden Week posts, and answer the following questions: (1) How many went out to other prefectures? Where? (2) How many worked during the holidays?
  2. Find your partner's post, and talk about it with him/her. Take notes.
  3. Leave a comment on the partner's post. (HW?
  4. Grammar Check: Worksheet  ★How do you want to have your writing checked?

5. HW
  • 歌(Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Worksheet) (YouTube) )を聞く。
  • 歌の語彙を学習する:Flashcards (自習用) Test (自習用) 
  • Golden Week のポストにコメント(今日のパートナーを含めて最低2人 By Thursday)→コメント返しをする(Hi ○○. Thanks for your comment. ... By Sunday
  • じゃれマガに購読申し込みをする→毎日読む

★Review: 4/17 & 4/24
★Next week: We're going to visit VOA Special English
☆If you have time, do this too:Reading OL進化論 (Test) 

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