May 29, 2012

1B4 May 29

★ Hand in your Learning Log to the SA.

1. Song: Monument of Me (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

2. Story-telling video

(1) Pair) Share your what you've done (Homework). Post your script to the student blog. (Do you remember the email address for to do that?)
(2) Group) Take a video of the other pair talking about what they like/dislike about Japan.

★ We have done this much today.  今日はここまででした。

★ You have no homework assigned this week. Please write what you have done in your "Learning Log". 特に宿題は課していません。Learning Log に自分でやったことを記入してください。 


3. Listen to what he's talking about friendship in Japan. (Quizlet)
Q1) What do you think?
Q2) Do you agree with him? Does that apply to you?

4. Watch the video first, and then go to VoiceThread 1B4.

While watching the video, listen carefully to catch the phrases below.
  • What's up? 
  • I'm alive. 
  • Internet service
  • Internet cafe 
  • rice field
  • lower one
  • humid
  • ship
  • messy
  • moved into
  • sink area
  • clothes
  • pole
  • scuba gear
  • guest bedrooms
  • AC
  • empty
  • what goes where
  • blanket
  • couch
  • purchase
  • refrigerator
  • rice cooker
  • cannot live without 

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