May 22, 2012

1B4 May 22

1. Learning Log: SA will check yours

2. Song: You had a bad day (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

3. JareMaga (Mail Magazine in plain English)


■ Today's topic: the solar eclipse (Quizlet)
Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday? I went outside at 7:15 a.m. It was cloudy, but I could see a crescent through the clouds. Neighbors started coming out of their houses. Then, at about 7:25, the clouds disappeared. We used special glasses to watch the sun getting smaller and smaller. Finally, we could only see a circle of light around the moon. On my way to work, I kept taking out the glasses and watched the sun come out again. (5月22日号)
浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」 
携帯 : 
PC :

■ Ask your partner about the solar eclipse. How do you say in English, e.g.
  • 昨日日食見た?
  • はっきり見えた?
  • どうして見なかった? 

4. Blogging: Check the comments on your posts about GW. Some have communicate with each other in class, and some of you got comments from my Linkedin/Twitter friends. You're doing a great job!  

5. Use English outside the class!

Q: Do you have/know/use/like Twitter/Facebook/Mixi/Skype?

If you have a Twitter account, follow @y_cuc (授業用 Twitter). (I only tweet in English)
If you have a Facebook account, find me on Facebook. (I use both English and Japanese. It's not just for my classes.)

6. Story Telling Video: What do you like or dislike about Japan? (It'll take 2 weeks)


■ Work in a pair first and then in a group of four
1. Write a speech script (In pair)
  • Your first names (or nicknames) 
  • What you like/dislike (1) 
  • What you like/dislike (2) 
  • What you like/dislike (3) 
  • Conclusion

2. Find webpages/photos related to (1)-(3), and add them to the iPad's Home Screen.

3. Talk about what you like/dislike about Japan using your speech script and showing the pages/photos. Your partner team will take a video of you. (In Group)

■ Homework
(1) Complete your script & prepare the webpages/photos. 
(2) Go to the students' blog to leave some more comments and reply to the comments you get.  


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    T Nakamura and t kouhei

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  5. My partner is Ryousuke.

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