May 15, 2012

1B3 May 15

1. Song: Don't Answer Me (Quizlet)(Worksheet)(YouTube)

2. Survey (Sent to your Email address)

3. Try Pop
  • このサイトでwebページを開けてみましょう。例として以下のページのURLをコピーしてみます→
  • Pop に行き、URLを入れる空欄に上のURLを貼付けます。
  • 単語の上にマウスをのせると、その単語の意味が表示されます)

3. Do you have/know/use/like Twitter/Facebook/Mixi/Skype? (授業用 Twitter)
4. JareMaga (Mail Magazine in plain English)
    Use Pop Jisyo and check words new to you.
I was riding my motor scooter back home last Friday. There was a city bus in front of me turning left at a T-junction. I passed the bus as soon as it turned, but just then another scooter came between me and the bus. I almost hit it. At the next light, I pulled up next to the rider and said, "That was very dangerous." He turned and said "I know" in an unfriendly voice. I was surprised to see his face. Neither of us was Japanese. (じゃれマガ May 14, 2012)  
浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」 

5. Blogging

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