May 8, 2012

1B3 May 8

■歌: Can't Take My Eyes Off You

■ブログ紹介: Eigo@CUC(このブログ:授業内容と英語学習素材)What's Up?(学生投稿用)

■Find the right person 1人1人質問していきましょう。(前回の宿題)

1. Hi! My name is ____________. My birthday is June 28. I like playing basketball and listen to music.
 (質問例)When is your birthday? → What’s your name?

2. Hi, my name is _________. I'm from china. I like to watch movies. I'm an only child. (質問)

3. Hi! I am __________. I am eighteen years old. I am from Tokyo city. I like skiing. My hobby is table tennis.

4. Hi! My name is _________. I like to listen to music very much. My favorite musician is "LMFAO". "LMFAO" is Rock musician. I like to play soccer, and to watch soccer game. I don't like to study. Thank you!\(^o^)/

5. Hi. My name is __________. I have a brother. I'm from Tokyo. I like sports. I was born on November 17, 1993. My friends call me " Kawa".

6. Hi my name is ___________. I graduated from kanto daiichi High School. I live in Tokyo. I have a brother. I like reading and watching TV.

7. Hi! My name is ___________. I from mabashi (Funabashi?). I like baseball.

■ Take a photo of something you find at CUC. → Post to the students' blog.(投稿練習)


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