May 24, 2012

2B May 24

■ I will have to make some changes to our Moodle site. So, though it is working now, I will post the class work here too.
■ It has taken a while to figure out what was wrong. Sorry I haven't finished grading your previous forum posts! 

1. You had a bad day (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

2. Solar Eclipse

2-1. Arrange sentences (a)-(e) in the correct order.  (Quizlet)

(1) I've been asking everyone if they saw the eclipse.
  • (a) Some people said that they couldn't see it from their house.
  • (b) She had stayed up all night to watch the final game in the Ice Hockey World Championship between Russia and Slovakia. 
  • (c) Many people didn't, so I asked them why not.  
  • (d) Others said that they had tried to buy glasses, but the glasses were sold out. 
  • (e) The best excuse I heard was from a Russian woman. 
(7) She was happy because her team won. (5月23日号)

浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」 
携帯 : 
PC :

2-2. Ask your partner about the solar eclipse. How do you say in English, e.g.
  • 昨日日食見た?
  • はっきり見えた?
  • どうして見なかった? 
2-3. Some people met in the morning to watch the eclipse together. Take a look at Solar Eclipse & Tsukiji Breakfast (May 22, 2012, Experience Tokyo, Meetup).
Pick up phrases that show how they felt about it.

2-4. Solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 (Qwiki)

3. BloggingHomework: Leave comments by May 24 )

3-1. Grammar Check (Quizlet)

3-2. (Q) How do you want to have your mistakes corrected?
  1. Want them to be marked (in red) in my post. 
  2. Want to be reminded of them in the comment to my post. 
  3. What to learn from them in class, through a Grammar Check activity. 

3-3. If you're not sure yet, please take a look at "How to post a comment."

4. Story Telling Video: What do you like or dislike about Japan? (It'll take 2 weeks.)

■ Work in a pair first and then in a group of four

Step 1. Write a speech script (Pair)
  • Introduction (+ Greetings & your first names/nicknames)
  • What you like/dislike (1) 
  • What you like/dislike (2) 
  • What you like/dislike (3) 
  • Conclusion (+ Greetings) 

Step 2. Find photos/images related to (1)-(3), and add them to the iPad's Home Screen. When you choose the best ones, save them as screenshots.

★Use dictionaries, including 英辞郎 and POP辞書.
★Here's a list of useful websites (find useful info & expressions, but don't copy & paste them) :

Step 3. Talk about what you like/dislike about Japan using your speech script and showing the pages/photos. Your partner team will take a video of you. (In Group)
★Or you may use Voicethread.
★Examples: Movies, VoiceThread (Which would you prefer?)

■ Homework 
(1) Complete Step 1 & Step 2. 
(2) If you haven't done it yet, go to the students' blog to leave some more comments and reply to the comments you get.  


  1. A talking about Japanese summer.

  2. we are Nakano Keita and Oomasa Youhei.
    we will speak about subculture.

  3. Urasawa & Tomiyama

    We are going to talk about Fireworks,Summer kimono and Round fan.

  4. NoguchiT FujiharaDMay 24, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    NoguchiT and FujiharaD a going to talk about four season.

  5. Roy and Mifuyu are going to talk about temples and cherry blossom.

  6. Miyazawa and Ebata pair.
    We go to talk about JapaneseFood,flower,and the four seasons.

  7. Takuma&NatsumiMay 24, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    Takema & Natsumi

    We are going to talking about
    Student sports

  8. Katou & Mino.We are going to talk about food,fire work,festival,earth quake.

  9. Nasa and Narimitu are going to talk about Japanese comic, Japanese sports and Japanese food

  10. Hello!!

    Three themes that we talk are these.

    The Japanese man is not popular.
    The Japanese woman is popular.
    Never-married increases in Japan.

  11. Atsushi,yoshikawaMay 26, 2012 at 12:07 AM

    We going to talk about japanese water,japanese society,and japanese world heritage.

  12. We are going to talk japanese food,good security,society.