May 31, 2012

2B May 31

* Meet at 212 today!
* Hand in your Learning Log to your SA.
* PDF of this post

1. Song: Monument of Me (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

2. Storytelling Video
  • See how to save the photos you've prepared. (Pair)
  • Go to your blog post to check your photos and your speech script. (Pair)
  • Practice your speech. (Pair)
  • Take a video of the partner pair talking. (Group = 2 Pairs) 
* Use dictionaries, including Eijiro (ALC) and POPJisyo.
* Here's a list of useful websites (find useful info & expressions, but don't copy & paste them) :

Pairs (If you're not listed, please let me know)
  • Abe & Daiguji are going to talk about Japanese summer.
  • OomasaY & NakanoK will speak about subculture.
  • Urasawa & Tomiyama are going to talk about Fireworks, Summer kimono and Round fan.
  • NoguchiT FujiharaD are going to talk about four season.
  • Ryo and Mifuyu are going to talk about temples and cherry blossom.
  • Miyazawa and Ebata are going to talk about Japanese food, flowers, and the four seasons.
  • Takuma & Natsumi are going to talking about student sports, seasons, Hanabi. 
  • Katou & Mino are going to talk about food, fire work, festival, & earth quake.
  • Nakao & Arimitsu are going to talk about Japanese comic, Japanese sports and Japanese food
  • Ryo m & Otohiko s: Three themes that we will talk about are these: The Japanese man is not popular./The Japanese woman is popular./Never-married increases in Japan.
  • Atsushi & Yoshikawa are going to talk about Japanese water, Japanese society, and Japanese world heritage.
  • Kinjou & Furukawa are going to talk about Japanese food, good security, and  society.


You preferred to have your mistakes marked in red in your post, but when I tried to do that, I thought it would be better NOT to make your work look messy. So I pointed out 5 things to be changed in my comments like this and this. What do you think? Is it clear enough? Do you want me to use more Japanese to explain grammar? Please leave your comment here to share your opinions. 


    1. Please Japanese language.

    2. We want comment in Jpanese.

    3. Hello.
      OK.We want you to write it in English.

    4. I think it is clear enough.

    5. Japanese please!

      by Tomiyama & Urasawa

    6. KoheiDaiguji Yuichiro AbeMay 31, 2012 at 11:05 AM

      Please Japanese.

    7. Ebata & MiyazawaMay 31, 2012 at 11:08 AM

      We want comment in Japanese langage