Apr 11, 2011

About me-POKA

Hello.I am a POKA.I live in since I was born in Chiba.I like sports.
May well be a sport,enjoy watching.Now I'm playing basketball once a week locally.There are hree day or to play football and catch.I also want to go watch soccer or baseball. Good luck on your part to save money so that I wanted to go to each summer.
Thank you!!


  1. Hi POKA! You don't need "a" before your name ;-)

    So you play basketball in your town every week? You belong to a club or something?

    Thanks for the nice picture too. I love Slum Dunk (and Kuroko no Basuke too)!

  2. Hi POKA! You like basketoball very much!
    It is very good!

    How long do you play basketoball before?