Apr 14, 2011

About me-kouske

Hi everyone. I'mkouske.I live in Iwate for 18years and moveed to Chiba last year.
I love listening music.For example J-POP,HIP-HOP.
I like the most poplur artist is ゛HOME MADE KAZOKU゛.
I hope to go Live!


  1. Hi Kouske. I like listening to music too. I thought I've never heard of this band - Home Made kazoku, but I've heard this. I like their songs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I need to check who you are in class. Maybe you gave me some different nickname...

  3. HI!Thank you for telling us about yourself.
    I'm Kazihiro. I'm 18 yares old. I live Hiratuka in Kanagawa. I still live Hiratuka. My favourite artist is "wUVERworld"

    Do you know where Hiratuka is?
    DO you know UVERworld?