Apr 13, 2011

About me - kc25

Hi everyone.
I'm kc25. I live in Chiba.
I like leading book, such as novels and comics.
I like books written by Kotaro Isaka.
My favorite book is "GRAVITATION PIERROT".


  1. Hi kc25. Kotaro Isaka is one of my favorite writers! I love『重力ピエロ』『オーデュボーンの祈り』(this was my first Isaka book), 「陽気なギャング」stories, 『砂漠』and 『死神の精度』:-) Write more about Isaka's work, and I'd love to read about other writers too!

  2. Hi!Thank you for telling us about yourself.I'm Kana.I'm from Aomori Prefecture.I live in Nakano-ku in Tokyo. I love soccer,movies,music and books.

    First,why is your name "kc25"?second,How many books do you read in month?Finaly,do you read comics?