Jul 9, 2011

Travel in Summer -2B Techno

I want to travel in Kyoto in summer.
Because ,Kyoto is many the temple,I like the tempre very mush.
In addition,I like Kyoto foods,Yastuhasi, Warabimochi,Oshinko.
These are really delicious.
These are two of reasons.
But,I don`t travel in Kyoyo in summer.
I`m busy.I have to study bookeeping,driver license.
I want to travel in Kyoyo in free.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,Techno.I'm Tb22.
    I want to go to kyoto, too.
    Kyoto is a good place.
    I want to kyoto five years ago.
    I want to go "Rokuonzi" and "Kiyomizutedera","Sanzyusangendou".