Jul 22, 2011

Final Subject

Hi,everyone. I`m Hyu.I`m 20 years old. I live in Tokyo now. I live near Sky Tree. I have lived in Matsudo 19 years and moved in Tokyo last year.
I like singing. I often go to karaoke. I sing many songs. I was going to karaoke after school with my friend last Tuesday. Karaoke is very fun.
I want to go to karaoke soon. And, I like sports too. I often running. I was track and field club junior high school days and high school days.
Practices in the track and field club are very hard. Thanks to it, I participate in Kanto meeting. Now I am running hour everyday.
I will do my best.
Next, I take about summer vacation plan. I don`t have summer vacation plan yet. But I want to do many things. First, I want to go to cool place.
For example, Hokkaido. I have not been Hokkaido. So, I want to go to Hokkaido once. Next, I want to go to sea with my friend.
Because, the sea seems to be summer very much. Finally, I want to see Harry Potter. Because, It is final. I look forward to summer vacation now.

Thank you Ms, Yamauchi.
Thank you everyone.
See you again.

1 comment:

  1. Good job! Thanks for sharing great summer photos! Where did you find them?

    I didn't know you were a track and field athlete. Cool! Will you take part in a meet some time again?