Jul 24, 2011

The last subject

My favorite places in kyoto.
It thought go to the this years.
I want to go "Kiyomizu-temple" and "Rokuonzi-kincaku".
I couldn't visit by the school excursion.
Kyoto is like running the train.
I want to get in the train.
I want to go Kyoto the next year.
My summer go to Wasinomiya.
That is my friend's hope.
He will go to Tachikawa the this summer.
But, We went to there last year.
Must I go to Tachikawa?
My news is "APS film".
I was surprised the other day!!
Because, It is make Stop.
"APS film" or fuji-film.
I'm not using that film.
But, I think used "this film user".
I'm worried the film lost.
I lost the film being used.
I think lonely.
But, I keep using a film!

("Kiyomizu-temple" and "Kincaku-temple" photo:from wikipedia)

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  1. Who are you?? Thanks for sharing your summer plan and an interesting piece of news. I don't know much about APS cameras and film. I hear photo lovers still prefers analog film but APS film is really expensive! It's sad to see good old things are not available now, but new businesses may help revive old memories. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/7/prweb8656935.htm