Jul 21, 2011

課題 長文

My name is Fyu.
I lived in Ibaraki for 19years and moved to Chiba last year.
I like AKB48 for two years.
I like music called the Only Today in music of AKB48.
I like Oshima and Miyazawa in AKB48.
I this time go to the concert of AKB48.
During Golden Week I went shopping with my family.
It went to (REIKU TAUN) of Saitama prefecture.
The shop was very large and I was surprised.
So I want to go to Okinawa during summer vacation.
Because the sea is beautiful,food is delicious,and the maid is relieved.
I want to swim in the sea in Okinawa,and want to eat Okinawasoba.
I want to go with my friends.
Also I go to Yamanashi during summer vacation.
I want to go to Fuzikyu amusement park and have a barbecue.

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