Jul 14, 2011

News - Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting starts soon


Many of you have a digital TV set at home, but we don't. We are still using an analog TV set. Why haven't we started to prepare for the digital terrestrial broadcasting?

For one thing, we don't watch TV very often, and I'm not sure if I feel unhappy without a TV set. I'm curious to know how I feel when there are no analog terrestrial TV programs available.

For another, I hate to be forced to purchase something. I want to have some options left! However, our TV set is so old that we can't continue to use it for a long time. So we'll have to buy a new set anyway, if we do want TV.

Will we get a new TV set? We'll see.

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  1. It was finished today.
    NHK-TV can't heard on the radio.
    I'm worry.

  2. Hi Tb22. Thanks for your comment.

    Actually, our analog TV is still working. We can watch TV programs as usual. Funny, isn't it?

  3. Today's Jaremaga is about the news too.

    じゃれマガ 2011年07月25日号
    TV companies stopped analog broadcasts yesterday in most parts of Japan. People who have old TVs can no longer watch TV broadcasts. Most people are ready for the change, but 700,000 people in Japan still need to get a new TV or a special digital adapter. If they turn on their analog TV, they will only see a special phone number to call for help.
    Japan is not the first country to go completely digital. Holland finished the change in 2006.