Jul 14, 2011

News - Started to learn Shogi (?)

I found a new series of manga, titled "Hirake Koma". The story is about a 5th grader hooked on Shogi and his mother who also becomes interested in playing Shogi. I always like to see how a kid tries hard to be better at something. In addition, this manga is unique in that you see the mother also learn about Shogi, a bit by bit. 

One day she tries playing an easy game on her iPhone, but can win no game. So she goes to see her son at his Shogi school to ask him how to win. 

This scene caught my eyes, and I started to look for some good mobile Shogi games. Now I have one on my iPodTouch, called "Mobile Shogi", and another on my Android phone, called "Sho-Ou" (将皇). I don't even know how to move pieces but these game apps give me hints! Maybe I'm starting to learn how to play Shogi. 

5th grader = 5年生
(be) hooked on = 〜にはまっている
pieces = 駒

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