Jul 24, 2011

My I′ll talk about university and During Summer vacation 2A igka

Hi every one.My name is igka.
I was bron in Chiba.I live in Sakae town.It is 19years old bron in 1992.
I major in economics in students of Chiba University of Commerce now.The going takes two hours by a train from a house the university,and the return suffers for one and a half hours.It takes one and a half hours music in a train and plays a game and spends it.The university goes for four days a week.In addition.I play with a cat because I work park ‐ time when a university is closed and keep a cat.I love that I play with a cat on an absent day because.I love animals and like cats in particular.I want to keep many animals in the future.
During Summer vacation.The off plan was going to go for a trip in Nagano in this summer,but it was worked and father was not able to go.So I go to the see of kujokuri of chiba to swim this year.

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  1. So you listen to music and play games on the train for about two hours. You can enjoy a lot of music and games!

    I've never been to Kujukuri. I should go there, as I'm living in Chiba now!

    Have a great vacation.