Apr 29, 2009

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

Let Us Plant Lettuce…
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Experts say the green vegetable is one of the easiest to grow in your garden.

The Spoken Word is Still Heard After 35 Years At Nuyorican Poets Café in New York City
On THIS IS AMERICA: We visit with the people who created the Café and hear some of the performers.

Seven Activists Honored For Improving Environment in Their Nations
ON DEVELOPMENT REPORT, the winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize fought bad conditions in mining, waste management and other industries.

Katharine Graham, 1917- 2001: She Was the Powerful Owner and Publisher of The Washington Post
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Under her leadership, The Post became one of the most important newspaper companies in the country. It became famous for its Watergate investigation in 1972.

In the Red: When a Business is Losing Money
On WORDS AND THEIR STORIES: Some expressions used in business and investing.

US Charges Somali Accused of Piracy
On IN THE NEWS: A judge has ruled that the suspect is at least 18 years old and can be tried as an adult, with a possible sentence of life in prison. But his mother says he is just 16.

At the FIRST Championship, Kids and Robots Compete
On AMERICAN MOSAIC: A listener in China asks about American patriot Patrick Henry. And hear music by jazz artist Diana Krall.

International Monetary Fund Says World Economy Will Shrink This Year
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The international lender expects the world economy to shrink by more than one percent this year. Also, Mexico becomes the first nation to receive a loan under an I.M.F. credit program for strong economies.

American History Series: The Kansas-Nebraska Bill Divides the Country
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: During Pierce’s term, a bill to establish new territories restarts the dispute between North and South over slavery.

Studying in the US: Beware of Essay Mills
On EDUCATION REPORT: We continue our discussion of plagiarism in Part 31 of our Foreign Student Series.

Visiting Endangered Places Around the World
On EXPLORATIONS: The book “Disappearing Destinations” explores 37 threatened cultural and natural areas.

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