Nov 26, 2008

VOA Special - Weekly Report

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Neurologist Oliver Sacks Writes About Patients With Unusual Conditions
On SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: His descriptive stories give a personal side to medical writing.

Vertical Farming: Potatoes? They're on the Fifth Floor
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: A professor promotes an environmentally friendly way to feed growing cities.

Batman, Spider-Man Face a Growing Crowd in Comics, Graphic Novels
On THIS IS AMERICA: "Comics are too expensive for kids. And they've changed," says a clerk at a comic shop in Virginia.

Weather Experts to Aid Africa's 'Meningitis Belt'
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Long-term predictions will help local health officials know the best times to deploy limited supplies of a new vaccine. The international effort will start in Ghana in 2009.

Mouth Expressions: The Experience Left a Bad Taste in My Mouth
English expressions using the word mouth.

Mae West, 1893-1980: The Wild Woman of Film and Stage
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Mae West starred in and wrote many plays and films. Her rich voice and sexy jokes made her an important figure in American popular culture.

Kenya Puts $150 Million Estimate on Payments to Somalia's Pirates
On IN THE NEWS: The government in Nairobi wants to hold an international conference to discuss how to deal with the growing problem of piracy.

Congress Delays Action on Auto Industry Loans
On ECONOMICS REPORT: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are given until December 2 to propose business plans with their requests for $25 billion in new aid.

Economy May Be Weak, but Thanksgiving Traditions Hold Strong
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A question from India about American Indians. And music from the new album by James Taylor.

American History Series: Debating the Powerful Bank of the US
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Congress voted to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States, but President Andrew Jackson vetoed the measure.

Foreign Student Series: The Application Process
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 11, advice to apply to at least three U.S. colleges or universities -- and give yourself plenty of time.

Health: Keeping Ears Clean
On HEALTH REPORT: Advice from experts about what to do -- and not to do -- to remove wax.

Visiting Seven of America's Natural Wonders
On EXPLORATIONS: We explore Niagara Falls, the Everglades, the Badlands, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Alaska’s glaciers and Hawaii’s volcanoes.

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