Nov 3, 2008

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

Oct 29

VOA Special English

Continents and Ocean Floors Are Always Moving
On SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: A report on plate tectonics -- the process that causes earthquakes.

A Clean Farm Can Reduce Risk of Mastitis
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Dealing with a common, and costly, problem for dairy farmers worldwide.

What Is Your Favorite Song About Autumn?
On THIS IS AMERICA: Hundreds of songs have been written about the autumn season. We present some of our favorites.

New Developments Against TB
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Scientists develop a blood test for patients at risk of active tuberculosis, and report a step toward a better vaccine.

What Does the Average Joe Think?
Expressions that use common American names.

Paul Robeson,1898-1976: Singer, Actor, and Civil Rights Activist
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: In the 1930s, he was one of the best known and most widely honored black Americans. Later in his life he was condemned for supporting communism and the Soviet Union. First of two parts.

After Record Month, Obama Fund Raising Slowed in Early October
On IN THE NEWS: Barack Obama and John McCain have just days of campaigning left in an election that could decide the future of public campaign financing.

Financial Crisis Summit Set for November 15 in Washington
On ECONOMICS REPORT: President Bush is inviting leaders of Group of 20 countries to the meeting. Credit markets showed some progress this week, but profit concerns hit stock markets.

'The Simpsons' Turn 20, Though in TV Land They Haven't Aged a Day
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A listener question about how Americans teach children about money. And the playful music of Katy Perry.

American History Series: Tragedy Hits as Jackson Prepares for Presidency
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Andrew Jackson took office in March 1829 following the unexpected death of his wife, Rachel, a target of hurtful campaign charges.

Foreign Student Series: Diploma Mills
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part seven, we look at the business of selling unearned degrees.

Colds, Flu and Folk Advice
On HEALTH REPORT: A public health expert in California examines some popularly held beliefs.

Camping in America’s National and State Parks
On EXPLORATIONS: These backpackers carry everything they will need for a few days or weeks living outdoors in the natural world.

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