Nov 15, 2008

VOA Special English Weekly Report

VOA Special English

Election 2008: 'At This Defining Moment, Change Has Come to America'
On THIS IS AMERICA: Barack Obama won a historic presidential race, and his Democratic Party increased its majorities in Congress. Now comes acting on the changes he promised.

Fat Cell Gene May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
Also on SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: The Smithsonian Institution brings attention to the study and care of oceans.

Food for Thought: Starting a Fish Farm
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: A question from Nigeria about pond farming.

Bringing Color to Life With Natural Dyes
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Advice about dyeing wool with onionskins.

Let's Do Business: I Made a Sweetheart Deal Last Month
Let's Do Business: I Made a Sweetheart Deal Last Month

Ann Landers, 1918-2002: She Helped Millions of People Deal With Their Problems
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Her advice column was published in more than 1000 newspapers around the world.

Number of Foreign Policy Issues Will Test Next President From the Start
On IN THE NEWS: Barack Obama will have to deal with two wars, a newly energized Russia and nuclear concerns about Iran. Add to this a worldwide financial crisis.

Rangers at Saguaro National Park Work to Outsmart Cactus Robbers
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A question about the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And songs from three nominees for Country Music Awards.

Obama Faces Difficult Financial Choices
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The rescue of the financial system has cost at least one trillion dollars so far. And the next budget deficit is expected to be the largest ever. Will there be enough money for the new president’s proposed programs?

American History Series: For President Jackson, a Question of States' Rights
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Andrew Jackson disagreed with his vice president, who believed that states had greater power than the federal government.

Foreign Student Series: Getting a US Visa
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part nine, we talk about the steps needed to come to the United States for study.

Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children | Long-Term Risks of Teen Alcohol Use
On HEALTH REPORT: Talk therapy and medicine together worked better for unhealthy fears than either alone in a recent study of young people.

A Trip Along the Potomac River, One of America’s Most Historic Waterways
On EXPLORATIONS: The Potomac flows through historic places in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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