Nov 5, 2008

VOA Special English Weekly Report - Nov.5

VOA Special English

'Change We Need' or 'Country First'? US Voters Are About to Decide
On THIS IS AMERICA: On Tuesday, Americans will choose between Barack Obama and John McCain in an election centered on the economy. Democrats also aim to strengthen their hold on Congress.

Many Animal Populations Facing Threats
Also on SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: A study suggests the last woolly mammoths came from North America.

Study Says Pest-Resistant Cotton May Help Other Crops
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Chinese scientists say transgenic Bt cotton may reduce the need to treat nearby plants against bollworm. But they also note concerns.

Web Site Brings Attention to Wildlife and Wild Places
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: The creator of started it as an effort to save rainforests.

Too Much Time Watching TV? You May Be a Couch Potato
On WORDS AND THEIR STORIES: Expressions about how people spend their time.

Paul Robeson, 1898-1976: He Traveled the World Singing Songs to Support Peace and Equal Rights for Black Americans
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: American government agencies later targeted him as dangerous because of his friendship with the Soviet Union and support of communism. Second of two parts.

For the Candidates, a Last Weekend to Make Their Case to Americans
On IN THE NEWS: Some examples of recent Obama and McCain campaign advertisements, including robocalls and the Democrat's infomercial.

US Economy Shrinks 0.3 Percent
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The government's estimate was better than expected for July through September. But consumer spending fell sharply.

Web Sites That Make It Easy for Everyday People to Perform Weddings
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: Questions from Italy and Nigeria about the Electoral College. And remembering Levi Stubbs, lead singer of the Four Tops.

American History Series: Split Divides Jackson, Vice President Calhoun
On MAKING OF A NATION: The trouble grew from a problem in the cabinet -- and Andrew Jackson's discovery that John Calhoun had once called for his arrest.

Foreign Student Series: Getting a US Education From Home
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part eight, we offer advice for choosing an online program.

Almost Half of All Deaths Are in People Under 60
On HEALTH REPORT: A new W.H.O. report highlights the differences in causes and rates of death around the world.

Christo, Jeanne-Claude's Art Helps People See Their Surroundings in New Ways
On EXPLORATIONS: The artists spend years planning and raising money for their large outdoor art projects.

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