Jul 6, 2012

JareMaga July 6 - Divorce Ceremony

I've never heard of this before, and was really surprised! 

じゃれマガ 2012年07月06日号
One reader wrote:
I watched a unique ceremony on TV the other day. People have wedding ceremonies, but how many people have a divorce ceremony?  
The couple getting a divorce invited their friends and had a party. The master of ceremonies ("shikaisha") introduced their personal histories. Some of their friends said a few words. It was exactly the same as a wedding ceremony, but there was one big difference. They broke their wedding rings with a hammer. 
If you were invited, would you go?
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◇ Quizlet 

◇ For those interested, here's a related article about divorce ceremonies (from The New York Times).

◇ Here's a story about divorce ceremonies in Japan (in English). 

Japan's 'divorce ceremony' gaining popularity 投稿者 itnnews

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