Jul 30, 2012

JareMaga July 30 - High school baseball game

The last game of the preliminary local tournaments (yosen taikai) of Koshen is going to be played in Fukui today! 

(じゃれマガ 2012年07月30日号)
I was at home yesterday, so I decided to watch a high school baseball game.
It was really exciting.
Meiden, Ichiro's high school team, was playing Toho, another big baseball high school in Aichi.
Toho got one run in the second inning and another in the fifth.
By the ninth inning, it looked like they were going to win.
Then Meiden got two runs to tie the score.
They got another run in the eleventh inning to win the game.
Now they will go on to the Koshien.

浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」

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