Jul 10, 2012

JareMaga July 10

Did you understand what happened to the author's wife? Have you ever had or heard about a similar experience? 

じゃれマガ 2012年07月10日号
My wife was going somewhere on her motor scooter. Suddenly, a bee hit went inside her helmet. It stung her just above her right ear. She was planning to go shopping, but the sting hurt so much that she had to come home. The pain went away after 30 minutes, but it still hurt when she touched it. Now she understands how painful a bee sting can be. She remembers our poor younger daughter who was stung several times by bees when she was small.

浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」

■ Passive Voice 受動態
  • 登場人物1 = I, Me
  • 登場人物(?)2 = A bee
  • 動作 = sting: sting, stung, stung
A bee stings people.
A bee stung me yesterday.

I was stung by a bee.  ←受動態
I don't want to be stung by bees.

  • 登場人物1 = Natsume Soseki
  • 登場人物(?)2 = "Botchan" 
  • 動作 = write: write, wrote, written

Natsume Soseki wrote "Botchan".

"Botchan" was written by Natsume Soseki.  ←受動態

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